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Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope Now Available!

Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope Now Available!

What happens when events unfold before our eyes that defy our conscious understanding? Find out more in the 20th Anniversary Issue of Myth Makers - featuring fan fiction and artwork from some of the best writers and artists in Doctor Who fandom. Order Now!

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Elisabeth Sladen: 1948-2011

Elisabeth Sladen, who played the Doctor’s companion Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and the spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures, has died as result of complications from cancer on April 19. She was 63.

New season of Doctor Who on SPACE…the same day as the UK and US!

SPACE has announced that Doctor Who will indeed air in Canada on the same day as UK and US broadcast, starting Saturday, April 23 at 8pm!

2011 Season of Doctor Who Begins April 23

It’s Easter with the Doctor on two continents as the latest season debuts on Saturday April 23 in Britain and the US!

TARDIS File 06-00: A Christmas Carol

Re-live past Christmas’ presents with this story set in the future…

SPACE broadcasts A Christmas Carol on Boxing Day as part of Doctor Who Marathon!

The 2010 Christmas special will air a day later than in the UK and US but we get a full day marathon of Doctor Who specials to make up for the 24 hour wait!

TARDIS File 05-13: The Big Bang

It all ends here…

TARDIS File 05-12: The Pandorica Opens

A signal is being broadcast across all of time and space, and everything the Doctor has ever fought is coming to answer it. The Pandorica will open, and silence will fall…

InnerSPACE Live Season Finale - July 24

SPACE will air a one-hour special following the Doctor Who finale The Big Bang on Saturday July 24

TARDIS File 05-11: The Lodger

The Doctor’s turned human before, but this time he has to fake it. What could possibly go wrong?

TARDIS File 05-10: Vincent and the Doctor

Art Appreciation 101 begins here…

TARDIS File 05-09: Cold Blood

Our blood runs cold – Rory’s memory has just been sold….

TARDIS File 05-08: The Hungry Earth

The Earth is hungry for Amy, and we are hungry for more of this story…

TARDIS File 05-07: Amy’s Choice

It’s the Doctor behaving badly and scissors for Rory’s ponytail…

TARDIS File 05-06: The Vampires of Venice

Fill your plate with the ‘fish course’ of the season!

TARDIS File 05-05: Flesh and Stone

The chase continues through the wreckage of the Byzantium, as the Doctor discovers what the Weeping Angels are scared of…

TARDIS File 05-04: The Time of Angels

River Song. The Weeping Angels. A mysterious, shadowy labyrinth. Stir, then simmer, then hide behind the sofa.

TARDIS File 05-03: Victory of the Daleks

For Skaro! For Victory! For the End of the War itself!!!

TARDIS File 05-02: The Beast Below

You are here because you want to hear the truth about this episode. When this TARDIS file has finished you will have a choice, you may either protest in the comments section, or forget and be doomed to read this TARDIS file again..

TARDIS File 05-01: The Eleventh Hour

New Doctor. New companion. New TARDIS. New sonic screwdriver. New title sequence. Same old exciting adventures in time and space…

Space to Air 2010 Series starting April 17

The latest season of Doctor Who debuts April 17 at 9pm on Space!

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In the latest issue: Issue 164

Rise And Fall (Spring 2011 season reviews): Enlightenment reviews the stories from Season… um, it’s 6.1 this year, right? Plus:

  • The quiet heroism of Rory Williams
  • In praise of an asexual Doctor
  • News and reviews of Doctor Who books, DVDs, and audios, including the Series Five box set!

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