Issue 135

The Shipper News: We examine the fault lines in the world of Doctor Who fangirls with Rose’s departure Plus:

  • Queer as Who 2: We examine how queer themes are (and aren’t) reflected in Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who
  • A preview of Series Two, and a review of New Earth
  • Novelist Lance Parkin on the legacy of the Doctor Who novels of the 1990s
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: Inferno and The Web Planet on DVD, The Nowhere Place and more!

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Issue 134

Life After Rose: What next for Doctor Who following the departure of Billie Piper from the series? Plus:

  • An interview with Mickey Smith himself, actor Noel Clarke!
  • Why Doctor Who shouldn’t return to past monsters in the new series
  • After six Radio Times covers in one year, Lance Parkin ponders what will be the next one
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: the latest Tenth Doctor hardback releases, Sarah Jane II, The Settling, the Genesis of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks DVDs and more!

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Issue 133

Monsters Inc.: With the return of the Cybermen, what does it take to bring back past menaces in Doctor Who successfully? And what monsters ought to return in future? Plus:

  • An interview with Mark Gatiss, writer of The Idiot’s Lantern and The Unquiet Dead
  • Lance Parkin on the American response to Doctor Who on Sci-Fi
  • What can you actually learn from watching Doctor Who? You’ll be surprised to learn!
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: The Beginning Box Set, Time Works, AHistory, Still Getting Away With It, The Cyberman audio series and more!

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Issue 132

Who Conquered North America: What does the sale of the new series to Sci Fi mean for Doctor Who in the USA? Plus:

  • A Two-Four and the Cybermen: Our intrepid viewers enjoy their alcoholic beverages while watching 14 episodes worth of the silver giants
  • Why can’t the classic series merchandise be better integrated with new series merchandise?
  • Lance Parkin on the writing of AHistory
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: The Series One Box Set, The Time Travellers, Pier Pressure, The Claws of Axos on DVD and more!

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Issue 131

The Christmas Invasion: We preview and review the 2006 Christmas Special, look back at the most incredible year in Who and look forward to an even bigger 2006, including:

  • A review of The Christmas Invasion
  • A look back at Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor and Rose
  • What the US DVD release says about the BBC’s attitude toward America
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: The Shooting Scripts, the 2006 Doctor Who Annual, Stealer of Dreams, Fear Itself, the latest audios, City of Death on DVD and more!

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Issue 130

Doctor Who and Doctor Who Fandom For Newbies: Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Doctor Who Information Network with this off-beat issue of Enlightenment that looks toward the next generation of fans and celebrates the present generation. Includes:

  • Classic Series DVD stories for new series fans: A panel of experts give their recommendations
  • A Lexicon of Terms in Doctor Who Fandom
  • A Torchwood FAQ
  • 25 Fun Facts About DWIN
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: Back to the Vortex, Only Human, Terror Firma and the latest audios, The Mind Robber and Horror of Fang Rock on DVD and more!

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Issue 129

Tennant’s Pride: What will David Tennant bring to the role of the Tenth Doctor? We try to find some clues from his career! Plus:

  • More reviews of Season One, including a review by BBC Books author Lloyd Rose!
  • Shipping and the New Series
  • Should K9 Come Back?
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: The Gallifrey Chronicles, the first three Ninth Doctor novels, the latest audios, Ghost Light and The Leisure Hive on DVD and more!

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Issue 128

SEASON ONE REVIEWED: This special issue features some of North American fandom’s best writers reviewing episodes 2-13 of season one of the new series! Featuring:

  • Reviews of The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London / World War Three, Dalek, The Long Game, Father’s Day, The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances, Boom Town and Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways
  • An Interview with new series writer Rob Shearman, on the journey of creating Dalek
  • And Lance Parkin on the most incredible week in Doctor Who’s history

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Issue 127

Revolution 9: As the era of the Ninth Doctor dawns on TV, our contributors look to the present and future of Doctor Who as well as its past, including:

  • A review of Rose
  • Is Doctor Who just for kids? We look at the connections between Who and children
  • Should Doctor Who spin-offs just stop for a year? Robert Smith? makes a modest proposal
  • A Two-Four and the multi-Doctor stories: our crew watch The Three, The Five, The Two and Dimensions in Time…while consuming equivalent amounts of alcohol!
  • And: reviews of all the latest books, audios and DVDs including: About Time volumes 3 and 4, The Game, Script Doctor, Dalek Empire III and more!

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Writer Gary Russell to visit Toronto June 9th

Who Party Toronto Presents:
An Afternoon With Gary Russell
Sunday June 9th, 2013 from noon until 6:00pm
Paupers Pub (second floor), 539 Bloor Street W.
Cost: $15 for the afternoon

On Sunday June 9th, 2013 join The Doctor Who Information Network and Who Party Toronto for An Afternoon With Gary Russell on the second floor of Paupers Pub at 539 Bloor Street West.

The afternoon will feature a Q&A session with our guest Doctor Who writer and Script Editor Gary Russell as well as a live video commentary of a Doctor Who episode that he worked on, an autograph session, a trivia competition and an afternoon of discussions and socializing with other Doctor Who fans.

Doctor Who returns in UK, Canada and US on March 30th!

It has been announced that the final eight episodes of Series Seven of Doctor Who will be airing on BBC1, SPACE and BBC America starting on Saturday March 30th, 2013.

Doctor Who returns in Britain, Canada and US on September 1!

The seventh series of Doctor Who comes to our screens on September 1 at 9 pm on SPACE!

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