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With apologies to the Amboy Dukes.


I was strangely unmoved by this one. It seemed to have lots of fannish attraction and action and such, but like Cold War, I just didn’t really care all that much. That said, I didn’t despise it like a number of my casual viewer friends on Facebook did. So that’s positive at least…

Anyone else?

Posted by Andrew  on  04/29  at  03:29 PM

Couldn’t help but watch it thinking “We’ve been here before.” I think it was more the scene from the image taken above and thinking of scenes from series 1. I don’t generally want to think of past episodes, but I can’t help it! I’m still intrigued as to *who* Clara is, considering that Clara is proclaiming innocence as to who she is (who knows if she’s telling the truth or not!). A friend thinks it’ll be revealed shortly, but we’ve not got many more episodes before the end of the series that it seems hard to believe Moffat will reveal Clara’s identity and wrap up the mystery in one foul-swoop.

Saying that though, I liked the idea of the TARDIS being this massive area in which one could easily get lost in, and that there’s these extended rooms that one doesn’t usually see. After all, I assumed that while Amy & Rory were travelling with the Doctor that they would have been able to go into different rooms so that they weren’t always “together”.

Posted by Rachel  on  04/29  at  05:58 PM

Though there were some good things about the episode, I’m sorry to say that my overall feeling was of disappointment.  I hate to criticize a story for what it wasn’t but this was a case where all the way through, I kept thinking “There are so many great stories that could have been told around this concept and this isn’t one of them.” 

A story about exploring the TARDIS could have been the most fun adventure in years and truthfully, this just wasnít anywhere near as enjoyable as it could have been.  I certainly have no problem with dark, tense stories, but this seemed ill-judged in this case.  How I would have loved to see a more leisurely paced expedition to the centre of the TARDIS.  Iím generally the opposite of a fanboy but letís face itĖsurely this was meant as a fan-pleasing concept. 

The design work was distressingly unimaginative and bland.  Though Invasion of Time has its share of faults, I couldnít help but reflect on how quintessentially Doctor Who it is to have the TARDIS filled with brickwork, dank stairwells, and hospital wards (in other words, places that donít look like theyíre in a spaceship); here, most of what we see looks no better than bland Star Trek corridors.  It demonstrates for me how a lot of money doesnít necessarily translate into something interesting.  Much of the lasting fascination that the old series holds is due to the creativity of everyone involved, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the lack of money.  Iím surprised by how little they were able to accomplish with the (comparatively) large budget hereĖit would have been much more interesting and fun to have filmed various rooms on location in a more eclectic looking location.

Sorry to sound so negative because itís not like itís a terrible storyĖit just seemed much more like any other science fiction series, rather than Doctor Who.  And perhaps thatís been my biggest complaint with this season as a whole, that itís slick and expensive looking, but somehow seems less distinctive.  It strikes me that all of the stories bar The Power of Three have been fast-paced, race-against-the-clock storylines, when thereís room to tell many different types of stories (possibly not having any two-parters is a factor).  Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS would have been so much better, in my opinion, if it had given more time to enjoy the adventure at a more relaxed pace.

Posted by Ben Hakala  on  04/30  at  12:20 PM

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By Isabella Skye Holman on the 16/7/13 at 10:18 PM

Posted by Isabella  on  07/16  at  08:21 AM

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