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The Cybermen return in Nightmare in Silver, penned by Neil Gaiman and the first Cybermen story to feature “Silver” in the title and on going chess match in 25 years. Let us know your thoughts on the episode, and whether it was an upgrade on Silver Nemesis (or any other episode you care to compare it to).


The first Cybermen story to feature “Silver” in the title and on going chess match in 25 years. Let us know your thoughts on the episode, and whether it was an upgrade on Silver Nemesis

No disrespect intended, but do u mean the first time SILVER is used in a Cyberman story of the New series?

Posted by steve  on  05/12  at  09:02 PM

Hi Steve,

I think Luca was saying that it’s been 25 years since the Cybermen episode titled “Silver Nemesis” (1988) had the word Silver in the title and an ongoing chess game. The chess motif (and arguably the same game) continued into 1989 in The Curse of Fenric.

On the episode itself…

One of the better ones this series, I thought. I prefer the new Cybermen but they’re still too loud. The sets and production was top notch and Gaiman/dreamy.

The only negative, which is a constant problem across the whole of series 7, is that there are lots of interesting things started and not enough time to let them fly.

Posted by Andrew  on  05/13  at  10:18 AM

One of the best of the season, enjoyed Gaiman’s storytelling.

Posted by Matthew LeDrew  on  05/13  at  08:01 PM

i personally think that the new cybermen look a lot better and have some neat new features like how they can run alot faster. i like the new series and would like to learn more about miss.clara oswald

Posted by relentless2256  on  05/15  at  02:01 PM

I liked what was done with the upgrade to the Cybermen - the new costumes are a nice tip to the original design, and they allow more mobility and less stiffness. The Cybermites - and their new ability to convert anyone, not just humans, now makes them even more of a threat to the universe.

I wasn’t too keen on seeing the ability to upgrade mid-battle to overcome a weapon - it’s like they’re copying the Borg (copying the copy). Glad to see this ability does not apply to energy weapons, though. smile

I think it might be time for the Cybermen and the Daleks to have a rematch - methinks it won’t be as one-sided as it was in “Doomsday”. This also leads to an interesting question - could cybermites get inside a Dalek and convert them into a CyberDalek? Likewise, could the Daleks’ new nanovirus get inside a Cybermen and turn them to their side? Scary thoughts…..

Posted by Dan Dreibelbis  on  05/16  at  10:20 AM

The last two episodes have been the most entertaining of this half season. However I continue to have trouble with Clara. The writers write her part as if she is interesting to the Doctor because of her seemingly multiple deaths but there’s no chemistry with the Doctor or even with the viewers to make her intriguing. I rate her as the weakest companion since the beginning of this modern incarantion (2005?) of Doctor Who. That may change but I wonder if she will be given the time by the BBC to develop before she gets dumped. As an actor I’d say that she is currently out of her depth.

Posted by The Observer  on  05/17  at  09:09 PM

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