Myth Makers Past Issues

Myth Makers 14: Personal Reflections

Presenting ten tales told from a personal perspective.Featuring stories by:
Simon A Forward (Emotional Chemistry, Shell Shock)
Mags L Halliday (History 101, Warring States)
Dale Smith (Heritage, Myth Makers Presents: Essentials)
Ian Mond (Life During Wartime, Short Trips: Past Tense & Monsters)
Stephen Hatcher (Short Trips: Past Tense & Monsters)
John Anderson (Myth Makers #12 & #13)
Pete Kempshall (Myth Makers Presents: Essentials)
Dave Hoskin (Myth Makers Presents: Essentials)
Plus James Milton and Richard Booth
Illustrated by Michael Leis, Mark Stevens, Carolyn Edwards, Kamael Heru-ur Smith, Pat Degan
Edited by Scott Clarke and Richard Salter (Short Trips: Steel Skies, Life Science & 2040)

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Myth Makers Presents: Essentials

Discover the Essentials of Doctor Who with this high-quality, 60-page, colour-cover special issue. Myth Makers Presents: Essentials includes thirteen stories showcasing the essentials of Doctor Who as chosen by the writers, accompanied by essential elements presented by Marc Platt, Paul Cornell, Larry Niven, Gary Russell, Terry Pratchett, David J Howe, Piers Anthony, Justin Richards, Kate Orman, Raymond E Feist, Robert J Sawyer and many more.

Featuring fiction from:
Andy Lane (The Banquo Legacy, Original Sin)
Daniel O’Mahony (The Cabinet Of Light, Falls The Shadow)
Jonathan Blum (presenting a prelude to Fallen Gods)
Mark Clapham (Hope, Beige Planet Mars)
Mags L Halliday (History 101)
Dale Smith (Heritage)
Graeme Burk (Short Trips & Side Steps, Short Trips: Steel Skies)
Richard Salter (Decalog 4, Short Trips: Steel Skies & Life Science)
Plus Robert Smith?, Pete Kempshall,
Dave Hoskin, Nate Gundy and Scott Clarke
Cover artwork by Daryl Joyce
Internal illustrations by Michael Leis

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Myth Makers 13:
From Gallifrey With Love

A collection of Doctor Who fiction which includes:

  • The unused The Book of the War entry by LANCE PARKIN available for the first time
  • An original Prelude to the Telos novella Wonderland by acclaimed novelist MARK CHADBOURN
  • A try-before-you-buy extract from Blue Box by KATE ORMAN
  • A new story from Relative Dementias author, MARK MICHALOWSKI featuring Miss Gallowglass
  • New Faction Paradox fiction from JONATHAN DENNIS (The Book of the War) and a new story from MARK STEVENS (A Life of Surprises)
  • Enter TOMORROW WORLD, the groovy new spy-caper from JOHN ANDERSON
  • Discover the secret Mole in Victorian London. COSTUME DRAMA is the new story from GRAEME BURK, author of THE INHERITORS OF REALITY and contributor to Short Trips and Side Steps
  • New fully-illustrated stories from CAMERON DIXON, GEOFFREY D. WESSEL and RICHARD SALTER (Decalog 4)
  • Includes specially commissioned original illustrations by MICHAEL LEIS, MARK STEVENS, RON SCHIDING, LAURA RICCOMI and PATRICK DEGAN

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Myth Makers 12

Step Up to the Next Level of Fan Fiction! Myth Makers 12 features some of the hottest writers in Doctor Who, including:

  • An all-new story from LANCE PARKIN
  • A Prelude to History 101 from MAGS L HALLIDAY
  • A Deleted Scene from Anachrophobia by JONATHAN MORRIS
  • and fully-illustrated stories by some of the rising stars of fan writing

Also featuring new stories from:

  • James Bow (Trenchcoat)
  • Robert Smith? (Missing Pieces, Walking in Eternity)
  • Richard Salter (Decalog 4)
  • Greg McElhatton (Missing Pieces, 365 Scary Stories)

Plus: illustrations by Patrick Degan, Michael Leis, Denise Rajauski and Laura Riccomi and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story by Graeme Burk (Short Trips and Side Steps) .

This issue is sold out! Stay tuned for an announcement of its reprinting!

Myth Makers: Retrospective

Follow the Doctor through time and space as he visits Tibet, Camelot and Kir-ithnan the Court Changeless. Meet gumshoe Robert Ford, world hero Fitz Kreiner and Stan Steel the Pilot of Tomorrow. Encounter the living machines of the Dreamspeakers, and sit in on an intergalactic poker match played for dangerous stakes.

Myth Makers: Retrospective features 12 highlight stories published in Myth Makers between 1991 and 2001. The lavishly illustrated anthology is available for free in .pdf format.

Detailed information on pre-2002 Myth Makers back-issues is also available.

Recent Stories

Issue 172

After the anniversary : Enlightenment reviews the anniversary celebrations! Plus…

  • Michael Wisher and Philip Hinchcliffe interviewed
  • The recovered Troughton episodes
  • News and reviews

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Issue 171

Their Secrets Revealed : The final reviews for Season 2013! Plus, in this last print issue of Enlightenment before the all-digital era begins…

  • Re-evaluating recovered episodes—you know, hypothetically…
  • The Gazetteer of Doom
  • News and reviews

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Issue 170

Clara Who? : The 2013 season reviews begin! Plus…

  • Why the classic companions rock just as much as today’s
  • An interview with Stuart Douglas of Obverse Books
  • News and reviews

Writer Gary Russell to visit Toronto June 9th

Who Party Toronto Presents:
An Afternoon With Gary Russell
Sunday June 9th, 2013 from noon until 6:00pm
Paupers Pub (second floor), 539 Bloor Street W.
Cost: $15 for the afternoon

On Sunday June 9th, 2013 join The Doctor Who Information Network and Who Party Toronto for An Afternoon With Gary Russell on the second floor of Paupers Pub at 539 Bloor Street West.

The afternoon will feature a Q&A session with our guest Doctor Who writer and Script Editor Gary Russell as well as a live video commentary of a Doctor Who episode that he worked on, an autograph session, a trivia competition and an afternoon of discussions and socializing with other Doctor Who fans.

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