New Podcast from DWIN!

New Podcast from DWIN!

Produced by Graeme Burk (former editor of Enlightenment and co-author of Who is the Doctor) and Alex Kennard (Telos AM) Reality Bomb is a magazine-style Doctor Who podcast by fans for fans, that looks at the hot topics interesting Doctor Who fans right now in fresh and exciting ways.

The debut episode is now available and features interviews with fans about whether or not it’s time for a female Doctor, a conversation about the new rumour regarding missing episodes an audio essay that looks at the long history of the Doctor’s corpse and more.

You can check out Reality Bomb in its section on the DWIN site or you can subscribe to it on iTunes.

Recent Stories

Issue 172

In our final issue : Enlightenment reviews the anniversary celebrations! Plus…

  • Michael Wisher and Philip Hinchcliffe interviewed
  • The recovered Troughton episodes
  • News and reviews

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Issue 171

Their Secrets Revealed : The final reviews for Season 2013! Plus, in this last print issue of Enlightenment before the all-digital era begins…

  • Re-evaluating recovered episodes—you know, hypothetically…
  • The Gazetteer of Doom
  • News and reviews

Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years

Gold represents something long-lasting, something untarnished and unaffected by the passage of time. Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years celebrates the timeless elements of Doctor Who that have appealed to the show’s followers for half a century. Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who with DWIN’s fiction anthology, Myth Makers!

Issue 170

Clara Who? : The 2013 season reviews begin! Plus…

  • Why the classic companions rock just as much as today’s
  • An interview with Stuart Douglas of Obverse Books
  • News and reviews

Issue 169

The Snowmen Cometh (Christmas Special Reviewed!) : The 2012 Christmas special gets a look-over! Plus…

  • Can good Doctor Who be bad television, and vice versa?
  • Robots with human souls
  • News and reviews

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