Enlightenment is DWIN's award-winning bimonthly fanzine. For over 25 years, Enlightenment has featured news and commentary on the world of Doctor Who from fandom's best writers. Every 24 page issue features thoughtful, intelligent and humourous features; snappy fan art; reviews of the latest DVDs, books, audios and comics; regular columns and more!

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Issue 164

Rise And Fall (Spring 2011 season reviews): Enlightenment reviews the stories from Season… um, it’s 6.1 this year, right? Plus:

  • The quiet heroism of Rory Williams
  • In praise of an asexual Doctor
  • News and reviews of Doctor Who books, DVDs, and audios, including the Series Five box set!

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Issue 163

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith: Lis Sladen (1946-2011) We pay tribute to the late Elisabeth Sladen. Plus:

  • Why shouldn’t the Doctor be posh?
  • A history of Doctor Who RPGs
  • News and reviews of Doctor Who DVDs, audios, and Time, Unincorporated: Volume 2!

Enlightenment 164 is due out in December. Please read this message about the recent delays with Enlightenment

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Issue 162

England’s Warrior: Nicholas Courtney (1929-2011): Enlightenment pays its respects to the late Nicholas Courtney. PLUS:

  • The women from the dawn of DWIN
  • Robert Smith?‘s Top 10 Fan Misconceptions
  • News and reviews of the latest merchandise, including the most recent North American DVD releases, Big Finish audios, and Wiped!

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Issue 161

GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE: We give our own take on Doctor Who’s take on A Christmas Carol. PLUS:

  • One True Threesome: What’s up with Amy Pond?
  • What exactly is a deus ex machina, and why should fans care?
  • News and reviews of the latest DVDs and audios, including: The Coming of the Terraphiles, the latest Eighth, Seventh, and First Doctor audios, and more!

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Issue 160

YOU KNOW, FOR KIDS? Doctor Who: the children’s show that all ages adore. PLUS:

  • Watching Doctor Who as, and with, children
  • The Doctor as an unconventional role model for young boys
  • Reviews of the latest releases including the Myths and LegendsDVDs, Big Finish’s latest Fifth Doctor and Eighth Doctor audios and Timeless Adventures

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