January 24, 2015

Record-Breaking Year for Jenna Coleman?

The BBC announced after Last Christmas aired that Jenna Coleman will be back for the whole of the 2015 season. While we have to see if that will be true (at least in terms of the whole season), assuming it is Jenna might possibly be breaking a record for longest run as the “current” companion in the new series both in terms of the number of episodes and calendar years. Jenna has been the new companion since December 2012 (for the moment I am leaving aside the guest appearance in Asylum of the Daleks in August of that year since she wasn’t considered “the” companion at time). She did 11 new series episodes from December 2012 through December 2013, and followed that up with 13 more in 2014.  If she stays for the whole season (let’s say either 12 or 13 episodes, depending on whether they do another double-length episode as with Day of the Doctor & Deep Breath), that will put her at at least 36, possibly 37 new series episodes (and that’s with counting the double-length episodes as one). Billie Piper’s run as the current companion was 27 episodes. Karen Gillan as Amy did 33 (I am including Closing Time and The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe in this run, since they are in the middle of her “era” and she does feature, albeit briefly as both). Neither Freema Agyeman nor Catherine Tate came close close to this, and of course Arthur Darvill’s duration as a companion was shorter than Karen Gillan. Assuming the season ends in November once again, she will also have been the current companion for at least 36 months (December 2012 through to November 2015). As such, if the BBC is true in their word, Jenna will break a couple of records.

When Moffat is involved though, it is always a big “if”.....

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December 26, 2014

Dreaming of a White Christmas

The 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special has aired. What did you all think of Last Christmas? So good that you must be dreaming? A horrible nightmare? A story worthy of a soundtrack by Tangerine Dream? Please let us know what you thought in the comments section, whether you had a white Christmas or not.

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December 14, 2014

How long will Last Christmas last?

We’re just 11 days away from the next Doctor Who Christmas Special, which we think will last 60 minutes - although given the penchant for the most recent season of Doctor Who to over-run the alleged 45 minute episode length (I think only one episode of the season clocks in at the 45 minute mark, now that I’ve got my 2014 season blu-ray set to check - the rest run over, not that I’m complaining), who knows how long this special will actually be. Will it be the last story for Jenna Coleman on board the TARDIS? Or will she last even longer as the companion? We’ll find out soon enough when Last Christmas is shown on December 25th, with a 9pm broadcast time on Space and BBC America.

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November 23, 2014

Happy 51st Anniversary

- From a review in The Stage and Television Today 5 December 1963

(Thanks to The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive)

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November 09, 2014

Eternal Rains Will Come

Well, I wasn’t expecting that. What is “that”? Pretty much any part of Death in Heaven, the finale of the 2014 season of Doctor Who. But never mind me. What did you think of the episode? The season as a whole? The characters that played a major part in this season? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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November 03, 2014

Mystifying Missy

Better late than never, if you missed Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who you should give reading the comments on this blog a miss. If you missed the clues as to who Missy is, you might not be alone. You might think this episode was fantastic, or you may have a bone to pick with it. Take a Deep Breath, take a plunge and give us your thoughts on the first part of the season finale, Dark Water in the comments section below.

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October 26, 2014

Not the Battle of Epping Forest

This is not the Battle of Epping Forest. right outside the TARDIS door (apologies to Genesis), but nevertheless, it is still an adventure that takes place in a forest in London. Or perhaps its a Forest which takes its place in London. Either way, let us know what you thought of the tenth episode of the 2014 season of Doctor Who, In the Forest of the Night. Did the episode show Doctor Who branching out in a great new direction, or did it bark up the wrong tree?

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October 18, 2014

Who’s Flatline is it Anyway?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Doctor Who? Do you think that the aliens could hear what the Doctor named them when half of the audience couldn’t and even if they did, do you think they’ll accept what the Doctor called them? What do you think the Doctor called them? Do you think it would have been cool if the two-dimensional creatures had been defeated after a teacher from Coal Hill School gave them the old five-dimensional problem to solve (using the 2D blackboard that Ian Chesterton once used in An Unearthly Child)? Tell us flatly what your answers are to these questions, or even better, ignore my silliness and just tell us what you thought of the episode. Remember, goodness doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with it.

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October 13, 2014

Don’t Keep Mum on this episode of Doctor Who

Tell us what you think. Don’t worry though - even though you can see the Mummy, you have more than 66 seconds to tell us what you thought about the episode. You have been foretold.

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October 04, 2014

The Web of Destruction

Was Kill the Moon a killer of an episode, or did it lay a giant egg? You have more than 45 minutes to decide, although if you take longer than that to type up your post, then you are either a really slow typist or are really writing one heck of a post!

Either way, we would love to hear your thoughts on this episode, your theories on what made it such a bad day for Danny Pink and whether that was of any significance for later episodes at all or simply he had an annoying day marking exams and fighting through rush hour traffic (or something mundane like that). Or you could give us your opinion on much more trivial matters, like whether the Doctor was right to act as he did or whether Clara was right to react to him as she did. Yes, the word “trivial” was me being silly - don’t kill me for it.

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