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Top of the Class?

So now that we are just past the halfway mark in the first season of the Doctor Who spinoff Class, what are we all thinking about it? Where does it rank in the pantheon of Doctor Who spin-off television series? What do people think of the regular characters, and the actors who play them? Are they all too old to be in high school? Are they all too slim? Any favourites or least favourites? Would the premise of the show have been better off if there was no connection to Doctor Who? How has Patrick Ness’s writing been?

I have opinions on all of the above questions, but I’m interested in hearing what you think. Assuming that you have been watching of course…..


The question for me with Class is… when is a spin-off not a spin-off?

Posted by Andrew  on  11/18  at  10:49 AM

I wouldn’t mind seeing the character of Charlie become the companion in Doctor Who at some future point if only to get away from the usual “young, plucky, female companion” trope.  Otherwise, Class caught but didn’t keep my viewing attention.

Posted by AndyBob  on  11/18  at  03:18 PM

I’m trying to remain neutral on this show until the end of the first season. At the moment it has a 60% chance of remaining in my PVR schedule for another season.

However I’d like to comment on one of the poster’s questions concerning the tie-in to Doctor Who. I agree that this series might be better received if it had no such connection. It’s premise puts it into the Doctor Who universe and by doing so makes comparisons and connections a certainty. Given Doctor Who’s longevity that is a lot of baggage for any series to have to shoulder and to overcome if it is to have its own originality. The concepts behind Class as a standalone series are actually quite interesting but they pale when contrasted with the Doctor Who series itself. Class has a tough act to live up to.

Posted by W. Reid  on  11/22  at  06:10 PM

We’re just about at the end of the season now, and I want to like Class, but…

Out of the gate it was okay, though it really didn’t feel anything like Doctor Who. Even more remote than Torchwood. The feel of the show is just worlds apart, hence my “when is a spin-off not a spin-off” comment.

The first few eps weren’t bad, but they didn’t really grab me. And then there was Episode 4, which was excellent. It felt like a finale that was packed in the middle of the series. Bold is good.

Unfortunately, it was a two-parter and the followup was just plan silly. And brain dead. And everyone knows you should never ever go full-Mordor.

But then Episode 6 was excellent, and you think “hey, there’s still hope.”

Hope that is easily crushed by the penultimate episode called “Quill and boring extras spoon-feed plot advancements without one spec of emotional interest.”

Class, I want to like you, but you’re making it so hard…

Posted by Andrew  on  11/28  at  09:45 AM

Just four comments? I guess this series hasn’t resonated with Doctor Who fans. Doubt that it will be given a second season.

Posted by W. Reid  on  12/16  at  03:34 PM

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