April 30, 2015

Reality Bomb Episode 022

On the twenty-second episode of Reality Bomb, guest host Alex Kennard talks with technology writer (and host of The Incomparable podcast) Jason Snell about the latest controversy over the Hugo nominations and what it has to do with Doctor Who. We’re also talking to author Liz Myles about the book she co-edited, Companion Piece - Women Celebrate the Humans, Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who and Nikki Stafford brings Planet of the Ood into the Gallery of the Underrated. Plus, Graeme Burk talks to a 7 year-old about meeting Peter Capaldi on location and more!

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March 26, 2015

Reality Bomb Episode 021

On the twenty-first episode of Reality Bomb, we have a massive, supersized episode celebrating 10 years of the modern series of Doctor Who with a special two-part panel featuring Lindsey Mayers, NPR Books Editor Petra Mayer, Head Over Feels blogger Sage Young and Doctor Who Thing‘s Matthew Stott. Plus, Alex Kennard looks back on the too-short-season of Doctor Nine, Christopher Eccleston and The Unquiet Dead is in the Gallery of the Underrated with Shannon Sudderth. And Barnaby Edwards and Jon Arnold are talking about the literary sub-genre of Doctor Who celebrity biographies and autobiographies. All this and infomercials you really don’t want to miss for once!

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February 27, 2015

Reality Bomb Episode 020

On the twentieth episode of Reality Bomb, Graeme Burk talks to Felicity Kuzinitz, Felicity Brown and Robert Smith? about what they would most like to see in the new season of Doctor Who. We also commemorate ten years of downloading since the leak of Rose by chatting with technology writer (and host of The Incomparable podcast) Jason Snell. And author and Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell brings the 1965 story The Web Planet to the Gallery of the Underrated. Plus, Alex Kennard sings about the hard life of not going to Gallifrey and we go back to 2005 for a Canadian Heritage Moment!

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January 20, 2015

Reality Bomb Episode 019

On the nineteenth episode of Reality Bomb, guest host Erika Ensign talks about Last Christmas with Lindsey Mayers, Cat Smith and author Rebecca Diem. We also discuss the growing popularity of Doctor Who Legacy with gamer and vlogger TheAdiposeTV And television producer David Barsky takes us on a visit to Voga the Planet of Gold as Revenge of the Cybermen makes its way to the Gallery of the Underrated. Plus Alex Kennard returns to audio essays and muses on the reaction of fans to series 8 and we look at gatekeeping Doctor Who fandom. Literally

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December 18, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 018

On the eighteenth episode of Reality Bomb we’re discussing women writers in Doctor Who, or the lack thereof, with NPR Books editor Petra Mayer. The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe is in a special holiday-themed Gallery of the Underrated thanks to Head Over Feels’ blogger Sage Young. And Louise Lafond convenes a roundtable of Doctor Who’s toughest critics: a group of kids. All this and Listener’s Letters…and the return of Spoiler Cops!

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November 26, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 017

On the seventeenth episode of Reality Bomb we have another supersized episode featuring our final panel review of Series 8 that includes Lori Steuart, Jon Arnold and Children’s Fantasy author Lou Anders (Thrones and Bones: Frostborn). We also have a conversation with Cat Smith and Lindsey Mayers about Missy / The Master. And Titan’s Doctor Who tenth Doctor comic book writer Nick Abadzis tries (and possibly fails) to get The Twin Dilemma into the Gallery of the Underrated. All this plus Listeners’ Letters, poltical attack ads you need to hear… and host Graeme Burk gets an offer he can’t refuse!

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October 31, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 016

On the sixteenth edition of Reality Bomb we continue our journey through Series 8 with a panel discussion on episodes 5 through 10 featuring NPR Books editor Petra Mayer, author Nikki Stafford and Space producer Mark Askwith. We’re also celebrating 15 years of Big Finish audio adventures with DWNY’s Barnaby Edwards and Andrew Flint. And Caitlin Walsh gives up something of value to put The Rings of Akhaten in this month’s Gallery of the Underrated. Plus listeners’ letters and an august gathering of fans evaluate the science of Kill The Moon!

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September 18, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 015

On the fifteenth edition of Reality Bomb we have a super-sized episode featuring a special panel looking at the first four episodes of series eight that includes Lindsey Mayers, David Barsky and Kim Rogers. Also, Gallifrey One‘s program director Shaun Lyon puts a stake into State of Decay in this month’s Gallery of the Underrated and Bill Evenson takes us Into The Dalek. And we check in with the spouses and partners of several Doctor Who fans including Maddie Rodriguez (partner of our co-producer Alex Kennard), Robert Thompson (husband of author Nikki Stafford), Paul Stanish (husband of Verity! co-host Deb Stanish) and Julie Hopkins (wife of host Graeme Burk). Plus we return to listen in on Wisconsin’s finest Doctor Who podcast!

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August 05, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 014

On the fourteenth episode of Reality Bomb we prepare for the onslaught of series eight by holding our first ever New Season Hype News Quiz featuring Felicity Brown and Head Over Feels’ Kim Rogers. Also, Graeme Burk interviews Jason Tucker of CONsole Room and Mike Doran of Who Party Toronto about what’s possible for small market Doctor Who conventions in an age of mega conventions and Greg McElhatton discovers it’s not so comfortable in the Gallery of the Underrated when you’re defending The Space Museum. Plus two superfan missing episode hunters get their own sitcom and a song about that most forbidden love!

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July 17, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 013

On the thirteenth edition of Reality Bomb, we’re celebrating the first anniversary of this podcast in style by featuring a special Gallery of the Underrated where NPR Books editor Petra Mayer talks with Graeme Burk about The Happiness Patrol. Also we talk to Lori Steuart and Lindsey Mayers about the new trailer for series 8 and about the allure of trailers in general and we interview Mike Doran (twice!) about the leaked scripts and then the leaked episode 1. And Alex Kennard commemorates our first year by talking about Doctor Who podcasting and how you can join in (with contributions by a number of podcasters). All this plus listeners letters and the Doctor Who adult video most fans want to see!

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