December 18, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 018

On the eighteenth episode of Reality Bomb we’re discussing women writers in Doctor Who, or the lack thereof, with NPR Books editor Petra Mayer. The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe is in a special holiday-themed Gallery of the Underrated thanks to Head Over Feels’ blogger Sage Young. And Louise Lafond convenes a roundtable of Doctor Who’s toughest critics: a group of kids. All this and Listener’s Letters…and the return of Spoiler Cops!

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November 26, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 017

On the seventeenth episode of Reality Bomb we have another supersized episode featuring our final panel review of Series 8 that includes Lori Steuart, Jon Arnold and Children’s Fantasy author Lou Anders (Thrones and Bones: Frostborn). We also have a conversation with Cat Smith and Lindsey Mayers about Missy / The Master. And Titan’s Doctor Who tenth Doctor comic book writer Nick Abadzis tries (and possibly fails) to get The Twin Dilemma into the Gallery of the Underrated. All this plus Listeners’ Letters, poltical attack ads you need to hear… and host Graeme Burk gets an offer he can’t refuse!

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October 31, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 016

On the sixteenth edition of Reality Bomb we continue our journey through Series 8 with a panel discussion on episodes 5 through 10 featuring NPR Books editor Petra Mayer, author Nikki Stafford and Space producer Mark Askwith. We’re also celebrating 15 years of Big Finish audio adventures with DWNY’s Barnaby Edwards and Andrew Flint. And Caitlin Walsh gives up something of value to put The Rings of Akhaten in this month’s Gallery of the Underrated. Plus listeners’ letters and an august gathering of fans evaluate the science of Kill The Moon!

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September 18, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 015

On the fifteenth edition of Reality Bomb we have a super-sized episode featuring a special panel looking at the first four episodes of series eight that includes Lindsey Mayers, David Barsky and Kim Rogers. Also, Gallifrey One‘s program director Shaun Lyon puts a stake into State of Decay in this month’s Gallery of the Underrated and Bill Evenson takes us Into The Dalek. And we check in with the spouses and partners of several Doctor Who fans including Maddie Rodriguez (partner of our co-producer Alex Kennard), Robert Thompson (husband of author Nikki Stafford), Paul Stanish (husband of Verity! co-host Deb Stanish) and Julie Hopkins (wife of host Graeme Burk). Plus we return to listen in on Wisconsin’s finest Doctor Who podcast!

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August 05, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 014

On the fourteenth episode of Reality Bomb we prepare for the onslaught of series eight by holding our first ever New Season Hype News Quiz featuring Felicity Brown and Head Over Feels’ Kim Rogers. Also, Graeme Burk interviews Jason Tucker of CONsole Room and Mike Doran of Who Party Toronto about what’s possible for small market Doctor Who conventions in an age of mega conventions and Greg McElhatton discovers it’s not so comfortable in the Gallery of the Underrated when you’re defending The Space Museum. Plus two superfan missing episode hunters get their own sitcom and a song about that most forbidden love!

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July 17, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 013

On the thirteenth edition of Reality Bomb, we’re celebrating the first anniversary of this podcast in style by featuring a special Gallery of the Underrated where NPR Books editor Petra Mayer talks with Graeme Burk about The Happiness Patrol. Also we talk to Lori Steuart and Lindsey Mayers about the new trailer for series 8 and about the allure of trailers in general and we interview Mike Doran (twice!) about the leaked scripts and then the leaked episode 1. And Alex Kennard commemorates our first year by talking about Doctor Who podcasting and how you can join in (with contributions by a number of podcasters). All this plus listeners letters and the Doctor Who adult video most fans want to see!

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June 19, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 012

On the twelfth edition of Reality Bomb, Graeme Burk looks back at 30 years of being a Doctor Who fan with a special documentary about how being a Doctor Who fan has changed over the decades. We also talk with Sam Maggs and Mike Doran about the winners and losers in the Doctor Who Magazinepoll and Felicity Kuzinitz sends us on a quest to find The Keys of Marinus in this months Gallery of the Underrated. All this plus comedy from Liz Myles, Bill Evenson, Scot Clarke, Sean Homrig and Laura Gerald… and Alex Kennard finally sings the song he was supposed to have sung last month!

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May 30, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 011 - the bootleg live show

On the eleventh edition of Reality Bomb we have a bootleg tape of Graeme Burk and Alex Kennard at their latest live show recorded at CONsole Room in Minneapolis in May. Featuring an interview with Arnold T Blumberg and Robert Smith? about the new Doctor and a TARDIS trivia quiz with Steven K. Manfred, Kathryn Sullivan, Bill Evenson, and Lars Pearson.  And it’s time to do a security check as The Ambassadors of Death is in the Gallery of the Underrated with the AV Club’s Christopher Bahn. All this plus special guest Sophie Aldred sits down for an interview and performs in a comedy sketch with Arnold T. Blumberg, Alex Kennard, Laura Gerald and Bill Evenson!

NOTE: We really mean it. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the sound quality is about the same as a concert bootleg. 

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April 28, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 010

On the tenth edition of Reality Bomb, we’re talking about Time And Relative Dimensions In Sexuality in a brand-new documentary produced by Alex Kennard. In honour of Kate O’Mara’s passing, Graeme Burk interviews author Jennifer Pelland about the Rani and female villains in Doctor Who. We also check in with Jon Arnold about the latest news and Rod Mammitzsch brings The Power of Kroll to the Gallery of the Underrated. Plus Lori Steuart shares her thoughts on discovering William Hartnell’s Doctor. All this and the live concert you’ve been waiting for - one night only!

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March 18, 2014

Reality Bomb Episode 009

On the ninth edition of Reality Bomb, we’re getting ready for the arrival of companion / recurring character / significant character photographed on a white background Danny Pink with Lori Steuart and Lindsey Mayers. Plus we have Sam Maggs offering up her hopes for the Peter Capaldi era. And it’s the bittersweet taste of life as Aaron Guylas put Terminus in this month’s Gallery of the Underrated. Alex Kennard ponders the nature of Villainy in Doctor Who, and we talk about parenting and Doctor Who with Nikki Stafford and Steve Traylen. All thus plus a return visit to Wisconsin’s best Doctor Who podcast!

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