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New Podcast from DWIN!

New Podcast from DWIN!

New from DWIN! Reality Bomb—the monthly podcast that explores the strange and uncharted world of Doctor Who through its fans.

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TARDIS File 04-11: Turn Left

You turned on the TV and there’s no Doctor and a bolshie woman is shouting at a world going to hell in a hand basket. Did you press the right button on your remote control? Stay tuned…

TARDIS File 04-10: Midnight

Come read our Midnight confessions, where we say all the things that we want to…

TARDIS File 04-09: Forest of the Dead

Find out who has been saved after all…

TARDIS File 04-08: Silence in the Library

Count the shadows while we count our blessings with this fabulous tale…

TARDIS File 04-07: The Unicorn and the Wasp

In the year 1926, mystery writer Agatha Christie vanished for 11 days. The Doctor and Donna are about to find out why, but first they have to solve the mystery of the giant alien wasp…

TARDIS File 04-06: The Doctor’s Daughter

It’s a girl! The Doctor is a parent, but is he proud of his offspring?

TARDIS File 04-05: The Poison Sky

Plant your feet, hunch your shoulders, and beat your fists together—we show you how to prepare for the glorious victory of the Sontaran Empire.

TARDIS File 04-04: The Sontaran Stratagem

Go Green, add ATMOS to your car and breathe easy…

TARDIS File 04-03: Planet of the Ood

The Doctor and Donna are picking up Ood vibrations…

TARDIS File 04-02: The Fires of Pompeii

When the Lord of Time accidentally takes the Woman of London to Pompeii on the eve of volcano day hilarity and tragedy ensue…

TARDIS File 04-01: Partners In Crime

The Doctor meets Donna Noble again (eventually!) while the fat just walks away. We’re back with a full review of goings on at Adipose Industries

CBC: No News Yet on Series 4

The word from the CBC is that there is no news—at least not yet—about Doctor Who Series 4 or Torchwood Series 2

Myth Makers 15: Across the Universe

Travel across the universe in adventures that take you from the far-flung outer reaches of the cosmos to the dark underworld of London’s East End to the day-glo dimension next door!. Featuring outstanding fan fiction that is gorgeously illustrated, Myth Makers 15 is designed to thrill, excite, break your heart and blow your mind!

Myth Makers Past Issues

Past Issues of Myth Makers (sadly out of print…for now)

Series 3 DVDs in North America November 6!

It’s a great (very) early Christmas present for fans of the Doctor as Series 3 arrives in North America on DVD later this fall!

TARDIS File 04-00: Voyage of the Damned

The Doctor’s on a spaceship called the Titanic. What could possibly go wrong?

Double Shot of Doctor Who next week!

The last two episodes of Series 3, The Sound of Drums and The Last of the Time Lords will be shown back-to-back next Monday, September 24 at 8 and 9pm respectively.

TARDIS File 03-13: Last of the Time Lords

Has the Master succeeded once and for all? Can Martha Jones save the world? How will the Doctor survive living in a bird cage? We review the explosive finale to Series 3…

TARDIS File 03-12: The Sound of Drums

The polls have closed, the ballots are in and Saxon is our man. We guide you through the post-election analysis…

TARDIS File 03-11: Utopia

Captain Jack returns… and the Doctor discovers what “You are not alone” really means. We delve into the secrets of Utopia

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