Issue 159

Issue 159

Chronic Fatigue
Cameron Dixon asks whether the 2010 season really was as clever as it seemed.
Filming begins on the 2011 season; plus, the latest news on Torchwood, DVD news, television ratings, and The Adventure Games.
Sports Cars and Space Hoppers
William Hopper analyses whether the Eleventh Doctor is the most human of them all.
Love & Monsters
Deborah Stanish looks at Amy’s Choice, and wonders just what she had to choose between…
Season Fnarg Reviewed
Peter McAlpine just can’t review The Hungry Earth without discussing those last five minutes.
Block Transfers
Julie Chaston compares Vincent and the Doctor to The Lodger, and discovers the real heroes of the show.
Dalek in Manhattan
Jason A. Miller examines the use of original-series continuity in the 2010 season.
Fluid Links
Robert Smith? can’t help falling in love with The Pandorica Opens.
Newcomer Martin Marshall asks just how the grand alliance of all the Doctor’s enemies could have come about.
The Land of Fiction
Graeme Burk isn’t terribly impressed with The Space Museum or The Chase, even when restored for DVD. Plus: The Masque of Mandragora on DVD; the first three Eleventh Doctor novels; Big Finish pairs off the Sixth Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon; and reviews of The Guardian of the Solar System, Solitaire, Situation Vacant, The Macros, The Adventure Games, and Jago & Litefoot.

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Recent Stories

Writer Gary Russell to visit Toronto June 9th

Who Party Toronto Presents:
An Afternoon With Gary Russell
Sunday June 9th, 2013 from noon until 6:00pm
Paupers Pub (second floor), 539 Bloor Street W.
Cost: $15 for the afternoon

On Sunday June 9th, 2013 join The Doctor Who Information Network and Who Party Toronto for An Afternoon With Gary Russell on the second floor of Paupers Pub at 539 Bloor Street West.

The afternoon will feature a Q&A session with our guest Doctor Who writer and Script Editor Gary Russell as well as a live video commentary of a Doctor Who episode that he worked on, an autograph session, a trivia competition and an afternoon of discussions and socializing with other Doctor Who fans.

Doctor Who returns in UK, Canada and US on March 30th!

It has been announced that the final eight episodes of Series Seven of Doctor Who will be airing on BBC1, SPACE and BBC America starting on Saturday March 30th, 2013.

Doctor Who returns in Britain, Canada and US on September 1!

The seventh series of Doctor Who comes to our screens on September 1 at 9 pm on SPACE!

Enlightenment Goes Quarterly

As you’re all no doubt aware, Enlightenment is written, edited and designed as a non-profit venture by a band of loyal fans. Unfortunately, due to the pressures of our volunteers’ day jobs, it’s proven impossible to keep to a bimonthly publication schedule. Read more

Enlightenment Delays

We’ve had a number of queries from members regarding the delayed publication of Enlightenment this year. The DWIN Executive wants to share the following message concerning Enlightenment with DWIN members. Read more 

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