What got cut from Journey’s End

Journey’s end was 63 minutes long, without commericals when it was broadcast on the BBC earlier this year. Doctor Who’s timeslot only allows for 44 minutes when you take out the commercials. So cuts were made.

You can for the next four weeks go to the CBC Doctor Who website and watch the complete 63 minute version online. Go there now and do that! Or buy or rent the DVD.

Here’s a (somewhat incomplete) list of cuts made to the episodes:

  • Martha arrives in Germany (avoiding a Dalek patrol speaking in German!) and goes to a castle where Osterhagen station one is secretly located. There, Martha encounters the caretaker of the castle, an old woman who threatens to kill Martha, speaking in German about what she is about to do.
  • The Doctor says a little speech to his companions before leaving the TARDIS to meet the Daleks about how much he’s loved being with them.
  • Donna is trapped in the TARDIS and the Doctor demands to know if the Supreme Dalek is causing it. The Supreme Dalek says it was not Dalek doing but decides to dispose of the TARDIS because it’s a weapon. The Doctor begs for Donna’s life but the Supreme Dalek releases the TARDIS into the crucible engine
  • The scene with Donna trapped in the TARDIS in the engine was longer and had trims made to it
  • Once in the Osterhagen station one, Martha contacts other UNIT agents in other Osterhagen stations— it requires unanimous consent to activate the key— but Martha decides she needs to give the Daleks an ulitmatum before using the device because “it’s what the Doctor would do”
  • Sarah, Mickey and Jackie’s scene during the testing of the reality bomb was longer
  • The duplicate Doctor and Donna have longer scenes together, one where the duplicate Doctor notes that he can see inside her mind and is saddened at how worthless she feels
  • There are even more flashbacks to the people who have sacrificed themselves to the Doctor
  • The Doctor connects all the coincidences surrounding Donna—from their meeting again, his meeting Wilf and others—being a result of the Metacrisis that caused the DoctorDonna to be created
  • The Doctor offers to save Davros from the impending maelstrom affecting the crucible. Davros rejects it and then curses the Doctor
  • A brief exchange between the Doctor and Rose about her resemblance to Gwenneth in The Unquiet Dead— an in-joke to the fact that both were played by actress Eve Myles
  • Trims to the towing sequence home and its conclusion, including a scene where Mickey and Jackie say their goodbyes
  • A major cut was showing the departure of everyone: Captain Jack and Martha leave together—Jack offering Martha a job at Torchwood; Mickey decides to not return to the parallel universe as his grandmother there died peacefully. He says goodbye and joins up with Jack and Martha; Sarah says goodbye and tells the Doctor that for someone who seems so lonely he has a lot of friends. The Doctor goes back into the TARDIS and takes Rose and Jackie to the parallel world’s D�rlig Ulv Stranden or… 
  • Bad Wolf Bay, which receives one of the most dramatic cuts. Rose chooses the human duplicate Doctor only after she asks both Doctors to answer the question of what would he have said to her on the beach. The Doctor deflects the answer; the duplicate Doctor whispers the answer in her ear, and she kisses him
  • There’s a trim to the end of the scene where the Doctor wipes Donna’s mind
  • The Doctor talks about how Donna was the most important person in the universe and Sylvia says “Of course. She’s my daughter”. At which point the Doctor snaps “Then you could try telling her that.”
  • The Doctor’s final goodbye to Donna—Donna talking on the phone while rifling through the fridge, barely noticing him
  • The final scene of the story, where the Doctor slips off his wet jacket and stands in the TARDIS utterly alone.
So what are you doing here? Go to the CBC website or get it on DVD now!

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