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A Tower Struck Down

We want your confession - in particular we want you to confess what you thought of this episode. You don’t have to dial in however, you can just leave your comments appropriate section below. Was this episode a diamond in the rough or did it make you feel like you wanted to jump in a lake? Or was it a hybrid of the two?


Very disappointed in this episode.  Fast forwarded through most of the show. BORING!

Posted by Leslie  on  11/29  at  12:39 AM

I think this is the first time Dr Who has improved on the conclusion of Zardoz! Well done!

Posted by Eric  on  11/29  at  09:26 AM

The first 45mins were brilliant. The most Art House the show has ever been. The only niggle is that the uses of standard Who music took me out of the atmosphere. I would have gone fully using the operatic score. Still, absolutely fantastic. And a very new presentation for Doctor Who.

It took me some time to rationalize the last ten minutes. It’s logically a mess until you realize the Doctor was trapped in his own confession dial, effectively a pocket universe. A bit like Gallifrey…

10/10. And those who know me, know I don’t say that lightly.

Posted by Andrew  on  11/29  at  02:46 PM

Didn’t like this episode. Don’t like the break the wall/talk to camera because it disrupts the flow. Also, are we supposed to believe that in his confession dial, the ONLY presence from his past is Clara?  After all his lives and companions, she is the only one that haunts him?  What?  Find this series to be very self centered doctor/rock star/grouch character hard to root for him.

Posted by Mary  on  11/29  at  05:59 PM

A few things I am confused about:
Why didn’t the wall in room 12 reset like all the other rooms?
If a confessional disk is not a recording of a time lord’s confessions, but rather a torture device, wouldn’t all time lords, including the Doctor, know about it and immediately recognize they were inside it?
In any case, much better than the previous episode.

Posted by Skeptronic  on  12/01  at  06:22 PM

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