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Thus Quoth the Raven Nevermore

It might be premature to ask people what they thought of this episode because it might be akin to asking people to judge the first two episodes of a six-part classic series story. Or maybe it’ s the equivalent of a four-part classic series story. We just don’t know. But don’t let that stop you - let us know what you thought of Face the Raven in the comments section below.


That was really well done, and even better the second time through. Quite liked the Harry Potter feel of the trap street/Diagon Alley, and the magical feel of the raven. As happy as I am to see Clara gone, they did an excellent job of dressing her exit in beauty.

On a more flippant note… It’s all Donna’s fault. If she hadn’t made the 10th Doctor save just one family, then the 12th wouldn’t have that face, and wouldn’t have bent the rules to save Ashildr, who would live to trap the Doctor, and result in Clara’s death.

Posted by Andrew  on  11/22  at  09:16 PM

Two thoughts in the wake of Saturday’s episode:

1. I kept wondering what would have happened if they had put Clara in the stasis chamber before the raven showed up; would this have had any effect?

2. Back in “The Name of the Doctor,” we never really see how Eleven finds Clara after she jumped into his time-stream. Is this the original Clara, or is it a bigger fragment, or is it what was left of Clara after many fragments broke off? At the very least, the fact that there were/are/will be many ‘Claras’ bouncing around the Doctor’s time-stream means that any time Jenna Coleman wants to drop by there’s a ready-made plot device to explain it.

Posted by David H. Olivier  on  11/23  at  10:13 AM

Dr Who Inspired Sculpture at National Building Museum in DC.



Posted by ant  on  11/23  at  02:52 PM

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