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The Axeman Cometh

We will return to the companions departure entries shortly, but how was that for an electric opening to the new season? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section. For those curious, here’s a list of musical instruments played on screen per Doctor:

1st Doctor - Lyre (The Romans)
2nd Doctor - Recorder (throughout his tenure and The Three Doctors)
4th Doctor - reed flute (The Power of Kroll)
5th Doctor - harp (The Five Doctors)
6th Doctor - organ (Attack of the Cybermen)
7th Doctor - spoons (Time and the Rani)
9th Doctor - alien synth instrument (Dalek)
10th Doctor - church organ (The Lazarus Experiment)

The 11th Doctor does not play an instrument on screen although he does enter the TARDIS carrying a euphonium having apparently just played it in Night and the Doctor: Good Night , a DVD-only mini-episode on the Complete Sixth Series box set. 

But let’s get back to your thoughts now


Hmmmm…..4days into a new series and not a comment yet - how sad for what was such a vibrant DW site.  Anyway - I thought that was really rather excellent. Great movements - most of which involved Missy and I will chuckle over scratching Davros eye out for a while.  Once Clara had calmed down from her control freakery Doctor alternate with UNIT her interaction with Missy was great. Capaldi was as ever superb and the experience of watching him play the theme tune on an electric guitar while riding a tank was fantastic.  I much preferred Julian Bleach soft menace here to his ranting sugar-rush in TSE/JE and the premise that the Doctor created the man that created the Daleks is so full of promise.  It’s a shame that Ohila and Kate were underused and the scene in Ancient Essex could have been a bit more concise albeit that the snake monster shows just how long ago it was that Kinda was made.  All in all a great opener and better than most. - but will The Moff have the stamina to carry it through the second half?

Posted by Jon  on  09/23  at  04:12 PM

Oh and as for the cliffhanger - call me cynical but I doubt that we will never see the Tardis, Clara or Missy again - but the Doctor threatening to exterminate a child is certainly something new. It’s areal shame that this particular aspect of the story was correctly leaked some months ago. Spoilers indeed.

Posted by Jon  on  09/23  at  04:21 PM

I am ready

Posted by ksidd00  on  10/10  at  03:00 AM

Great Article!

Posted by Rishika Krishna  on  10/16  at  07:30 AM

I think that guitar needs to be a little more sonic, what do you all think? smile

Posted by Telah  on  11/18  at  10:04 PM

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