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That’s the only word for it. Wow.

834,000 viewers watched Let’s Kill Hitler last Saturday night. Making Doctor Who the most watched show in SPACE’s almost 15 year history.

At it’s peak 977,000 people were watching.

Doctor Who’s popularity has been on the rise in North America, but this is probably the biggest indicator yet. SPACE is a first-tier cable station. It’s getting numbers that are astonishing for broadcasters like CBC and CTV, never mind them.

It’s getting viewer figures on par with CBC…when they gave Doctor Who heavy on-air promotion and an ad budget and had no hockey. Of course, SPACE gives Doctor Who on-air promotion and it clearly has an ad budget. And there’s no hockey on right now, so perhaps that’s no surprise.

Even so. This is incredible news. Wow.


I’m so pleased for SPACE - and therefore for us, the fans.  With numbers like this they’ll continue to invest and give the show the support it deserves.  Let’s hope this partnership continues, and develops for many years to come!

Posted by Julie  on  08/31  at  02:17 AM

Kudos for SPACE and Doctor Who.  I am especially pleased that SPACE not only heavily promotes Doctor Who, it also repeats current episodes often, giving people who might have missed the initial broadcast the chance to catch up and even attract new fans.
Also Doctor Who is getting a lot of press outside of SPACE.  The Toronto Star had a feature article about the return of the show on the 27th.  I’m sure that didn’t hurt.

Posted by Louise  on  08/31  at  07:12 AM

Ratings on BBC America also pretty good at 961,000 viewers. But I remain skeptical that the BBC will look at the lack of disparity between the US and Canadian numbers (which appears to be shrinking as Canadian numbers grow higher) and send Moffat, Smith & co. for a series premiere launch in Canada next year, rather than just doing so in the US.

Posted by Luca  on  08/31  at  07:39 AM

Instead of just a season premiere launch in Canada, how about a Canadian character in the Tardis! The actor Micheal Riley comes to mind. Have him play a young Lester B. Pearson - He won the Nobel Peace Prize for resolving conflict with words and he wore a bow tie - A perfect Who character.

Posted by Craig Moorhouse  on  09/05  at  05:46 AM

Intriguing idea Craig, unfortunately nobody outside of Canada would have any clue who he was.
(And even some of us here might wonder why an episode was written about the Toronto airport. wink )

Seriously though, you’re right, it is about time we had a Canadian join the TARDIS team.  After all Australia had theirs!

Posted by Julie  on  09/05  at  12:47 PM

I think the fact that no one knows who LBP is (including a vast number of Canadians) make for another good reason why he would be a good Who character - most of the audience would be discovering his story for the first time. He is certainly an obscure historical figure that I can see the Doctor admiring and to some extend, try to emulate. He was the one personality that has most shaped modern peacekeeping - he was an eccentric academic and he was a very physical athlete, someone the world should get to know better…........... but do agree with you Julie, “it is about time we had a Canadian join the Tardis team.”
( and it very good to hear nothing but positive feedback on the show here)

Posted by Craig Moorhouse  on  09/05  at  02:02 PM

What time is this show on? I’ve Googled it, but I can’t find information on the show.

Posted by Monster Galaxy  on  11/30  at  08:27 AM

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