Issue 101

Issue 101
From The Vortex
Graeme Burk gives an ode to Terrance Dicks
The Radio Pilot has been made, BBC Worldwide cocked up with their release of Edge of Destruction and much more! Stephen Christian gives us the goods
Wheezings & Groanings
Scott Clarke’s journal of the great Doctor Who video famine of 2000—and it ain’t pretty…
Fluid Links
What’s one of the best stories of the ‘classic’ Season 5? The Enemy of the World!? Robert Smith? explains his choices
Enter The Master
Part 1 of our interview with Doctor Who script editor, writer, playwright and novelist Terrance Dicks: Terrance describes how he got into writing, and what it was like behind the scenes during Patrick Troughton’s reign as the Doctor
Radiophonic Workshop
From King Crimson to Pink Floyd, from The Mind of Evil to The Deadly Assassin, Gian-luca Di Rocco explores the connections between Doctor Who and Progressive Rock
Longtime DWIN member Geoff Toop reminisces about the early days of the club
A Look At…
Susan Paul chronicles how Jo Grant’s future catches up with her in the Atlantis of the past
The Land of Fiction
Eric Briggs delves into the new book about the making of the 1996 telemovie, Regeneration and ponders the paths not taken.
“Television That Matters”
A Comic Strip to celebrate DWIN’s 20th Anniversary, courtesy of Eric Briggs

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Enlightenment Delays

We’ve had a number of queries from members regarding the delayed publication of Enlightenment this year. The DWIN Executive wants to share the following message concerning Enlightenment with DWIN members. Read more 

The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe on Christmas Day on SPACE!

For the first time in Canada, the Doctor Who Christmas Special will actually air on Christmas Day! December 25 at 9pm

Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope Now Available!

What happens when events unfold before our eyes that defy our conscious understanding? Find out more in the 20th Anniversary Issue of Myth Makers - featuring fan fiction and artwork from some of the best writers and artists in Doctor Who fandom. Order Now!

TARDIS File 06-11: The God Complex

Here comes a TARDIS file to chop off your head…

TARDIS File 06-10: The Girl Who Waited

This TARDIS file is intended as a kindness. Please do not resist…

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