Issue 102

Issue 102
From The Vortex
Graeme Burk wades through the ever-increasing amount of Doctor Who merchandise
The Radio 4 series is rejected, and all the latest merchandise news courtesy of Stephen Christian
Fluid Links
Everything You Know (Could Have Been) Wrong: Robert Smith? looks back at Doctor Who’s backstory in the days before Gallifrey and the Time Lords
Chapter Reports
Eye of Harmony
Temporal Blatherings
Genesis of the Toilet Plunger Monsters: James Bow on the continuing appeal of the Daleks
Fan Mail
Tempus Illuminati
The return of an old favourite…Peter McAlpine on The Doctor’s attitude to violence
A Look At…
Susan Paul takes us back to the Brigadier once more
The Land of Fiction
California Dreamin’: Eric Briggs reviews The King of Terror. Plus reviews of Who is Dr Who, Festival of Death and several Big Finish audios
Enter the Master
Terrance Dicks Interview - Part Two: Escape into Danger - Terrance Dicks recounts working during the Jon Pertwee era, the tensions of working with Jon Pertwee, behind the scenes on The Three Doctors, writing the Target novels and much more!
Wheezing & Groanings
Scott Clarke on his first experience of Doctor Who: Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD!
Strange Matter
Short fiction from Richard Salter

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