Issue 100

Issue 100

Issue 100 celebrates 100 issues of this fanzine and 20 years of the Doctor Who Information Network. Contents of this double-sized issue includes:

From The Vortex
Why the double anniversaries are like something of a homecoming for DWIN according to Graeme Burk…
Doctor Who is number three in the 100 Greatest British TV series of all time! There’s a backlog with North American videos, and Bond maestro David Arnold remixes the Doctor Who theme for the Paul McGann audios.
Fluid Links
Robert Smith? assesses the elements of Doctor Who’s enduring format in time for the series’ 37th anniversary
DWIN architect Dean Shewring takes us back to the beginning when the Doctor Who Information Network was created…
The Early Days
Acclaimed Enlightenment illustrator Martin Proctor recalls the trials, tributations, and stippling that went into producing the first issues of Enlightenment
Enlightenment 1984-1986
Reprints of a review of The Five Doctors (from the first issue of Enlightenment), an interview with Patrick Troughton and Andrew Specht on the effects of dressing like the Second Doctor—in public!
The Land of Fiction
The focus is on fan fiction as DWIN’s fictionzine Myth Makers 10 is reviewed by Eric Briggs, while John Anderson casts an eye upon the charity anthology Perfect Timing 2
Gaining Ground
James Bow recounts the turbulent history through the 1980s that led to the production of the first issue of DWIN’s fictionzine, Myth Makers
Enlightenment 1987-1991
A smattering of reprints including Derwin Mak’s acclaimed 1987 essay “Mutate or Die!”, Bryan Jenner’s colloquial review of the novelization of The Smugglers, and a 1988 Tempus Illuminati column from Peter McAlpine. Plus: Who Author Andy Lane’s assessment of Season 24 from 1988!
After The Reign
Lisa Truant harkens back to the struggles of fan networks in the wake of the cancellation of the television series
Enlightenment 1991-1995
Reprints of James Bow’s 1992 Temporal Blatherings column on the Cybermen vs. the Borg, Tom Beck’s rallying cry “Why Doctor Who Will Never Die” and Fiona Moore’s Automation File column on Doctor Who and cyberpunk
Michael J. Doran gives a potted and personal history of DWIN’s conventions over the years
Enlightenment 1996 -
Reprints of Colleen Hillerup’s touching memorial to Jon Pertwee and Aaron Prokop’s blow-by-blow deconstruction of the 1996 TV movie
Into The Future
Graeme Burk and Matt Grady assess what lies ahead for DWIN and North American Doctor Who fandom in the 21st Century

Also included in this issue are brand new covers by Martin Proctor and a brand new cartoon from Andrew Specht, as well as reprints of some of Enlightenment’s finest illustrative art, including its covers.

This issue is SOLD OUT!

Sorry, this issue is SOLD OUT.

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