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Is that a quote from the forthcoming Star Wars crossover?

Posted by Cameron  on  02/10  at  08:05 AM

Graeme, I think you’ll find that the correct response is “yes”

Posted by goofy  on  02/10  at  08:14 AM

That’s absolutely gawdoffal news.  Make it not so… someone… maybe it’s an early april fool’s…

Posted by david  on  02/10  at  03:41 PM

50th Anniversary surprise.  The impossible happens: Doctor Who Jumps the Shark.

Posted by Rod  on  02/10  at  09:21 PM

IDW is now officially out of ideas…It’s the ‘90s all over again, when the worst fanfic became a comic series. And let me guess, at some point, the Daleks or Cybermen will meet the Borg. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the graphic novel collection when it comes out. IDW is debuting this at the Gallifrey One convention next week…Be SURE to stop by and let them know what you think wink

Posted by Gary  on  02/11  at  09:03 AM

Now show me one person who is surprised. Some evidence: Wizard published a plea for IDW to do this. IDW has shown itself to be the king of the crossovers, and in fact it had been assumed that the Infestation II crossover (#1 had tied together Star Trek, GI Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) was going to feature Doctor Who. It ended up not happening. But I saw this coming years ago. Just remember that if you consider the comics to be canon, that Marvel has already established that the Doctor lives in the same universe as Death’s Head and therefore in the same universe as all the Marvel superheroes.

Posted by Alex  on  02/11  at  09:22 AM

Hmm… there is a way to put some positive spin on this. I’m noting a number of blog and forums posts from Trekkies who are looking forward to this, including some who otherwise would have no interest in Doctor Who. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to win a few converts from the dark side?

Posted by Alex  on  02/12  at  01:36 PM

Perhaps I’m not in the know but I just thought someone had drawn a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover picture. Everyone is going on as if some project is actually in the making. Please explain. And for the record, if something is in the making, it doesn’t exactly thrill me.

Posted by Doug Grandy  on  02/13  at  06:18 AM

And when the inevitable time eddy/loop/portal starts mixing the past and present in issue 3 or 4, we can have the encounters/confrontations between Kamelion and Data, Captain Jack and Riker (and Troi?!) Tegan and Worf, Nyssa and Troi, and Adric and Wesley. Pass me the Advil, I feel a big one coming on…

Posted by Gary  on  02/13  at  06:59 AM

Bleeding Cool has released further information: the series is to be called Assimilation and will feature the Borg and the Cybermen. The story is written by Scott and David Tipton, who wrote the Infestation crossover storylines.

IDW has yet to officially announce the title. What they have done is issue a cryptic release that shows 3 images representing their Star Trek releases for May 2012: an AbramsTrek cover, a Star Trek Voyager cover, and the third, which will be announced later in the week according to the release, is represented by - a question mark. Gee, I wonder what that might mean…

Note: for whatever reason links from Bleeding Cool aren’t allowed in the comments section, otherwise I’d have posted the link to the followup.

Posted by Alex  on  02/13  at  01:35 PM

Have to agree with Graeme on this one.

Posted by stan m.d.  on  02/13  at  03:48 PM

Like it or not, IDW just made the official announcement (again I can’t post a link - you’ll need to go to the IDW webpage).

8 issues title Assimilation2 (the 2 for “squared” so imagine it superscript). Credits per above.

I’m not a Gallifrey Base member so they’re probably tearing themselves apart right now, but so far most of the comments I’m hearing are actually positive. And I’ve seen more people saying they haven’t been interested in Doctor Who before but will be buying this. So there’s definitely a silver lining here.

Posted by Alex  on  02/14  at  02:15 AM

That’s nice but how about:

4 with Classic Trek

5 with DS9

7 with Voyager

Posted by Ryan  on  02/15  at  08:52 AM

Just a heads up - IDW got a jump on the crossover (a bit). The TARDIS appears in a graveyard of time machines in the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover (#5).

Posted by Alex  on  02/16  at  04:55 PM

I’d personally rather see Doctor Who visit the Legion Of Super-Heroes (Brainiac & the Cybermen),  the Justice League deal with the Daleks, the Doctor & Superman vs. the Master & Lex Luthor.

IDW just put out the #5 of an 6 issue mini-series crossover where Captain Kirk & his crew meet the Legion OF Super-Heroes.  Kirk of course flirts with the female Legionnaires.  Brainiac 5 & Spock have logic debates.  The Legion & the Enterprise crew encounter each other after something drastically disrupts their History.  Earth is overrun by Klingons & Khunds & is ruled by a very familiar menace of the DC Universe.

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