Issue 145

Issue 145

From The Vortex
Graeme Burk finds there’s always something new to discover in Doctor Who… even Timelash
Series Four gets the party started for what will be Doctor Who’s 30th season on television
Series Four Reviewed
Graeme Burk discovers the downside to weight loss as he reviews the season opener, Partners In Crime
Crater of Needles
Colleen Hillerup explains why she feels there is no “classic Who” and “new Who” and that it’s all Doctor Who
Torchwood Reviewed
Cameron Dixon reivews Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sleeper and To The Last Man
Beige Planet Lance
Lance Parkin reviews Meat and Adam
Torchwood reviewed
Deborah Stanish takes us through Reset, Dead Man Walking and A Day In The Death
The Land of Fiction
Cameron Dixon looks at Torchwood: The Complete First Season on DVD. Plus: reviews of Timelash, The Time Warrior, The Bride of Peladon, The Condemned, Dead London, Max Warp, Wishing Well, The Pirate Loop, Peacemaker, Destiny of the Daleks and Planet of Evil
Love & Monsters
Deborah Stanish fires up her VHS and starts shipping with the Third Doctor and Jo Grant
Sean Twist relives the experience of watching the first episode of series four
Wheezings & Groanings
Scott Clarke reivews Something Borrowed and From Out of the Rain
Fluid Links
Robert Smith? reviews Adrift, Fragments and Exit Wounds

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Doctor Who returns in UK, Canada and US on March 30th!

It has been announced that the final eight episodes of Series Seven of Doctor Who will be airing on BBC1, SPACE and BBC America starting on Saturday March 30th, 2013.

Doctor Who returns in Britain, Canada and US on September 1!

The seventh series of Doctor Who comes to our screens on September 1 at 9 pm on SPACE!

Enlightenment Goes Quarterly

As you’re all no doubt aware, Enlightenment is written, edited and designed as a non-profit venture by a band of loyal fans. Unfortunately, due to the pressures of our volunteers’ day jobs, it’s proven impossible to keep to a bimonthly publication schedule. Read more

Enlightenment Delays

We’ve had a number of queries from members regarding the delayed publication of Enlightenment this year. The DWIN Executive wants to share the following message concerning Enlightenment with DWIN members. Read more 

The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe on Christmas Day on SPACE!

For the first time in Canada, the Doctor Who Christmas Special will actually air on Christmas Day! December 25 at 9pm

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