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Peter Capaldi’s third outing as the Doctor, the delightfully-titled Robot of Sherwood, has now aired. And it is “Robot” by the way, not “Robots” as I’ve now heard way too many fans call it already. Was this episode true with its aim or off-target? Did it not feature enough beheadings? Give us a spoonful of your thoughts in the comment section below!


So fa I have been LESS than impressed with the new doctor. Very weak opening and lack luster follow up on the 2nd and 3rd programs. The only redeeming quality so far has been Clara and that’s because she’s so easy on the eye’s definitely not for the writing. Capldi may be a famous actor etc, etc, but so far he is murdering the series.

Posted by Drgeee  on  09/07  at  06:53 PM

He’s playing the Doctor in a very different way and many of us are having trouble accepting his world weary, somewhat insecure questioning of himself, his abilities and his role in shaping history. I can remember very similar laments when Matt Smith took over. The complaints then were that Matt was too young, too flippant and too carefree to be The Doctor.

T’was ever thus but over time each character has grown on us to the point that by the end we can’t imagine anyone else in the role. I suspect that Capaldi will do the same (or the producers will make a swift change). We know he’s a good actor. Time will tell if he has The Doctor within himself.

Posted by Bill IMHO  on  09/08  at  09:02 AM

Can’t really blame Capaldi, it’s the writing that has been so disappointing this season.  Production has headed towards these visual vignettes for the last two seasons.  Harry Potter syndrome, writing for screen shots and close ups.  The Sherwood episode was just awful.  I am a big fan of Mark Gatiss, but he and Moffat have jumped the shark.  The last season of Sherlock was awful as well.

Posted by John Hankinson  on  09/08  at  12:30 PM

Only three comments? This is troubling. Where are all the Doctor Who fans?

Posted by Bill IMHO  on  09/08  at  05:22 PM

I know what you mean Bill - this site is a bit dusty.  It has taken me a bit of time but I am warming towards Capaldi.  I was underwhelmed on first viewing but second time round the writing and playing has won me over. EXCEPT - for Robot of S.  To date the only Gatiss episode that hasn’t been a severe disappointment for me was Cold War.  This latest in particular owed far more to League of Gentlemen than Doctor Who.  As a 5-minute sketch I could have just about accepted Robin but 45 minutes of sketches limply linked together did not add up to much more than an episode that would be the one to hide to make sure newbies never got their first exposure through such poor stuff and were switched off thereafter.  On first and so far only viewing - I preferred Fear Her.

Into the Dalek on the other hand was really rather excellent and much of Deep Breath has improved on reflection.  So, I’m looking forward to the rest with more optimism - especially given the development to Clara’s character that we’ve seen so far.

BTW - for any viewers based in the UK; I have been away and watched the opening three episodes from recording.  This picked up the end of the previous reality TV tosh on BBC called Tumble - the closing credits name the series editor as Andrew Cartmel - surely just a coincidence????

Posted by Jon  on  09/09  at  04:46 PM

Having watched Dr Who from the very first episode I feel it is fair to comment that the most important element in all its reincarnations
has been the storyline . They may have been silly they may have
been amateur but they were memorable. Now its all about the
characters and their psychological relationships with each other.
There are no plots.The aliens now seem to be a very minor part
of the Writing.Bring back the humour mr Moffat and kill the romance .
Dr Who is not Mills and Boon

Posted by col  on  09/27  at  05:10 PM

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