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Was Kill the Moon a killer of an episode, or did it lay a giant egg? You have more than 45 minutes to decide, although if you take longer than that to type up your post, then you are either a really slow typist or are really writing one heck of a post!

Either way, we would love to hear your thoughts on this episode, your theories on what made it such a bad day for Danny Pink and whether that was of any significance for later episodes at all or simply he had an annoying day marking exams and fighting through rush hour traffic (or something mundane like that). Or you could give us your opinion on much more trivial matters, like whether the Doctor was right to act as he did or whether Clara was right to react to him as she did. Yes, the word “trivial” was me being silly - don’t kill me for it.


I think the day Danny had may be examined later and perhaps was what The Doctor was doing while he left everyone on the moon. Otherwise an OK story. Not saying it was a bad episode but may be the low point of the season. Let’s hope anyway.

Posted by Doug Grandy  on  10/04  at  10:10 PM

Wait a second…  I just remembered.  The Doctor died completely at the end of Earthshock, and the 32 years since then have all been Matthew Waterhouse as Adric running the show, but wearing a series of Doctor disguises.  This makes that much sense, great episode btw.

Posted by Eric  on  10/04  at  11:21 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode.

The issue I thought it touched on was the competing ideas of predestination and free will. The Doctor was trying to step back, to allow the decision to be made by Clara. The fact that she chose to pass on that decision to a fair portion of Earth (a fairly fast-rotating Earth, and only those who were in night and facing the moon) and then chose again to take the decision by herself is important - it was her free will that allowed her to make a decision which saved a life but did not endanger anyone else.

However, that’s not how Clara saw it. She never experienced the sort of moment Sarah Jane Smith did in “Pyramids of Mars,” where actions - or inaction - in the past could have consequences for “her” future. Instead, she assumed that because she and the Doctor had been to the future that therefore no wrong decision could be made. More importantly, she wanted to rely upon the Doctor’s own knowledge of the future to guide her; in essence, the decision had already been made for her.

Now she’s all upset with the Doctor because he wanted her to make the decision, for him to not be the all-powerful, all-knowing alien protector. The Doctor didn’t play god.

Posted by David H. Olivier  on  10/05  at  02:10 PM

guys get a grip this and all the rest of the new series have been nothing less than pathetic. You have a new doctor who who has changed from being an amiable galactic hero and defender into what i can only assume is someone trying to imitate the very first doctor who ( who i personally hated and see every time i watch the new doctor) he has no style no elan no personality worth mentioning and by god he is just mind numbingly boring and i never thought i would say that about a doctor who. the episodes are insulting to the intelligence and everyone is just watching out of habit hoping it will get better but i am afraid it will not. Do they have new writers along with the biggest miscasting mistake in television history. Check your ratings it will fall shortly when people realize it is not going to get any better.Someone connected with doctor who made the miscasting mistake and needs to stand up and take the flac for it and hire new writers who do not insult intelligence i know its doctor who and we must suspend belief but before it was fun now its insulting and boring. God i never thought i would say that about any doctor who ever even that annoying first one.

Posted by thomas mills  on  10/05  at  02:52 PM

As a fan I reserve the right to moan and groan. Here goes. Clara and Pink have no chemistry and Clara is now boring. Will watch every week with baded breadth anyway.

Posted by katz  on  10/05  at  09:16 PM

Not impressed with this season. Peter is too dark. He is a wonderful actor and could do a better job if there was something remotely loveable or likeable about this doctor.It reminds me of the first doctor. I will watch as every Dr. Who fan will, but every week I walk away unfulfilled. Loved the story line about the moon being an egg. Brilliant. I just don’t get excitement when I watch anymore. I keep telling myself the christmas special has got to be good. To wait a whole year to see and for it to be so flat is unacceptable. Peter is not the problem, the dark writing has got to go.. Unfair to peter.

Posted by tj  on  10/05  at  11:36 PM

Easily the best season in years.

Posted by Andrew  on  10/06  at  04:06 PM

Andrew, agreed! Doctor Who feels relevant again.  And Capaldi is brilliant.

Posted by Connie  on  10/07  at  09:30 PM

The Doctor is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! The stories are backwards. WHO care s about Clara and PE. Lets see some adventure on Alien worlds

Posted by who is john?  on  10/12  at  09:15 PM

Not impressed with the new season.
Not impressed with the opening.
Not impressed with the interracial relationship Clara is having.
Not impressed with all the crap they are trying to tell me I should like.

I was impressed with the way it had been going with Matt.  It was fun, entertaining and light.

The new Dr is like the first Dr. and that was drivel.

I know everything I said isn’t “popular” but there you go.


Posted by Just saying what most others are thinking.  on  10/12  at  09:28 PM

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