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Care to give us your take on The Caretaker? Please enter your comments below on whether you too also would liked to have known how the Doctor and Clara escaped the planet of the sand pirahnas, whether you think the fish people that the Doctor and Clara visited were the same ones seen in The Underwater Menace and whether the character of Courtney was named after the guy who played the Brigadier. Or maybe you’d like to comment on what the episode was about (since none of the examples I’ve listed have much to do with the heart of this episode). Fire away as rapidly as the Skovox Blitzer!


I liked the shout out to Remembrance of the Daleks.  In that episode the Doctor went to Coal Hill School looking for the Daleks, only to have the Headmaster think he was going there to interview for the caretaker position.

Posted by Kari  on  09/28  at  07:24 AM

Oh, and i just remembered:  The Brig was a Maths teacher after he retired.  Maybe the reason the Doctor kept calling Danny Pink PE had less to do with him not liking soldiers than it did with the fact it was a reminder of another former soldier turned Maths teacher.

Posted by Kari  on  09/28  at  07:53 AM

Anybody else disappointed that the head of the board of Trustees at Coal Hill didn’t come out for Parents night?

I really hope that William Russell gets a cameo before we leave Coal Hill.

Posted by Kari  on  09/28  at  08:33 AM

Hello! I found the latest episode to be disappointing for those of us who want a strong female character to represent femininity.  I was truly disappointed to learn she now has a love interest who seems more powerful than her, vowing to ‘save’ her and threatens to leave her if he cannot do so… Although sensitivity and vulnerability are not weaknesses, they seem to now dominate her role in the relationship.. I was distracted as I was used to Clara being independent, strong, and confident in her humanity on her own.. I thought for sure if she was going to have a partner, it would be one that would equally match her confidence, and not dominate her as she cuddled into him.

Posted by Krista  on  09/29  at  01:49 AM

First of all, I just want to say that I like Peter Capaldi. I dont think that the outcome of this episode was his fault at all. When I finished watching “The Caretaker”, all I could think was, “that was a letdown.” The alien wasn’t super interesting, the storyline didn’t have as much depth and meaning as episodes in past seasons had. To be honest, Im not super psyched about how season 8 is going. The past three doctors have all had this deep, rich, and complex background story. Overall, disappointed and annoyed at Moffat. (no idea why)

Posted by Emma  on  10/04  at  10:15 PM

Well I beg to differ. I felt that this episode was the first where Capaldi’s character and motivations became as one. Also some of the exchanges between Clara and the Doctor were the first this season that had any spark. I’ also beginning to like Mr. Pink. I was afraid that once the secret of the Tardis, Doctor and Clara was revealed to him he’d become a new Mickey or even a Captain Jack type. Moffat has taken him in a completely new direction. I’ll still bet that eventually he’ll settle in to the cast as a supporter of the Doctor but it is not going to happen quickly or be easy. The Doctor will have to prove himself to Pink and conversely Pink to the Doctor. It should be interesting.

Posted by Bill IMHO  on  10/12  at  12:53 PM

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