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Mystifying Missy

Better late than never, if you missed Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who you should give reading the comments on this blog a miss. If you missed the clues as to who Missy is, you might not be alone. You might think this episode was fantastic, or you may have a bone to pick with it. Take a Deep Breath, take a plunge and give us your thoughts on the first part of the season finale, Dark Water in the comments section below.


“Do you think that I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

Posted by Craig  on  11/03  at  10:48 PM

A very good episode; Funny and disturbing and very well acted. That Missy was the Master wasn’t a terribly unexpected surprise. But it doesn’t matter; Michelle Gomez was great in the role as was Chris Addison as Seb. I’m looking forward to part 2. Is Moffat about to best his first season’s 2-part finale?

Posted by Andrew B  on  11/03  at  11:19 PM

well I thought it was the episode where everything finally dropped into place. capaldi is actually the doctor, jenna does not need to leave the show because of the change & good god, I even like danny pink! I don’t know how this happened but im right back there with jon pertwee’s “spearhead” episode.. the most crazy part is.. I thought mr moffett should bugger off and concentrate on Sherlock or some other thing I have no interest in… but I take it back… NOW I SEE IT ... NOW I EAT HUMBLE PIE…

Posted by mark hughes  on  11/07  at  03:49 PM

Thanks Mark - that was very big of you.
I thought that series 8 was very daring - it took a lot of risks and it was brilliantly written right from “Deep Breath” (in my opinion). For me this series brought back Tom Baker, Terry Nation and Douglas Adams.
You never were completely sure how Capalidi’s Doctor would react to anything so everything he did would come as a complete surprise which was something I always took away from the Tom Baker Doctor.
I think that the old format Who with Tennant and Smith was very entertaining - well done Sci-fi but the show was in need of retooling - reinvention to keep it fresh and for me, it really did bring back that classic Who “vibe” of my youth for me as well.
What I take away from Moffat - he adores Doctor Who - he’s the shows biggest fan - if you have the patience give him the time and let what he has in mind unfold - he will do an amazing job of rewarding your patience.

Posted by Craig  on  11/07  at  05:50 PM

I’m hoping we have seen the last of Clara Oswald.  So tired of the so called “powerful woman” cliche.

I think the concept of the Doctor changing when the actor changes is great.  I didn’t care for Matt Smith in the beginnng but soon came to appreciate him and his Doctor. Peter is great but he became the second fiddle to Clara.  Please return to the premise of the Doctor as the lead character.

Been a fan since Public TV showed it with Tom Baker and have a consistent viewer of the reboot.

Posted by KEVIN  on  11/10  at  12:30 AM

Hi Craig, yes.. some time has passed since my last comments and have just picked yours up tonight.. however, having seen the last of the series I totally agree.. this is becoming classic who re-booted.. Peter Capaldi is Jon Pertwee’s dr on steroids.. I have taken the time to look back on all the episodes from deep breath, which are available here in the uk on bbci player and I’m kinda getting a love of this character which is overtaking my expectations. viewed as a whole, this is getting interesting. I think they have got to the point now, where they could build something very special. the strangest thing of all is missy.. to do this and pull it off to the point of being the best incarnation sine rodger delgardo is nothing short of a miracle.. I take back any doubts I had of mr moffett… I think there may still be life in the old dog yet !!!WHO KNOWS… WHO KNOWS!

Posted by mark hughes  on  11/10  at  06:00 PM

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Posted by SenpaLo  on  12/12  at  03:04 PM

it was a great episode ranking third in my season eight ballot it definitely was an obvious thing that missy was the master and Michelle Gomez played the perfect role but the whole Danny as a cyber man kind of threw me off a bit it is going to be so close to beating my number one episode of all of the new who well… its a two parter it is BADWOLF and the parting of the ways… cant wait for season nine I bet the master will come back sometime soon…

Posted by kailie parliman  on  03/14  at  01:32 PM

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