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Not the Battle of Epping Forest

This is not the Battle of Epping Forest. right outside the TARDIS door (apologies to Genesis), but nevertheless, it is still an adventure that takes place in a forest in London. Or perhaps its a Forest which takes its place in London. Either way, let us know what you thought of the tenth episode of the 2014 season of Doctor Who, In the Forest of the Night. Did the episode show Doctor Who branching out in a great new direction, or did it bark up the wrong tree?


I’m surprised no one has commented yet, so I might as well say something.  I found it a hard episode to judge really, as it had a great premise and a number of good moments, but never quite came together for me.  I really wanted to love it but it just didn’t pay off in a satisfying way.  Perhaps putting the script through another draft would have helped because it felt as if it just wasn’t quite worked through yet.  Oh, and is just me, or is Danny starting to seem irritating?  I’m not sure if that’s the intention, but if not, I’m wondering what Clara sees in him!

Posted by Ben Hakala  on  10/27  at  12:12 PM

I saw one mixed review where the headline called it a slightly “wooden” episode. Let’s keep the tree puns coming folks!

The way they kept losing Maif (she’s safe in the TARDIS, but once everyone else makes it safely to the TARDIS she’s has somehow been allowed to wander off again) made no sense to me. Nor did the Doctor’s unexplained reluctance to carry anyone but Clara to safety in the TARDIS.

But the twist ending (it’s not a threat, it’s a protection) did seem genuinely clever to me.

And Danny’s line “I don’t want to see more things, I want to see the things in front of me more clearly” hit a deep nerve for me. Maybe you have to have had certain experiences in your youth for that perspective to hit so hard.

So some of the explanations were trunk-ated and chopped down but this episode was rooted in good ideas and I didn’t feel like a sap for liking it or like a rake for criticizing it. I didn’t ‘arbor many negative feelings about it. But I’m starting to sound like an ash so maple I’ll stop now before you all pine for me to leaf.

P.S., since when did the TARDIS have a computer voice that could say “You have reached your destination?” I thought The Doctor’s Wife unambiguously established that the TARDIS couldn’t speak.

Posted by Curt  on  10/27  at  01:12 PM

I’m going to vote with Ben. I liked the setup, but the episode never really cam together for me. And the magical ending was a bit too… magical. That said, I didn’t mind Clara or Danny in this one, and nothing was really bad about it. So final rating of… blah.

Posted by Andrew  on  10/27  at  08:56 PM

Amazing nice blog….Iím going to vote with Ben. I liked the setup, but the episode never really cam together for me. And the magical ending was a bit tooÖ magical. very nice amazing ending…

Posted by Sabrina  on  12/25  at  07:25 AM

Amazing nice post.I interesting with Ben. I liked episode. And the very happy ending..

Posted by Sabrina  on  01/03  at  11:49 PM

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Posted by Aryanarya  on  05/24  at  05:37 AM

I live in London, but have never visited the forest. I should go there on the weekend.

Posted by Dave  on  07/14  at  10:43 AM

I loved the forest especially because it is near me in London. I should visit it more often.

Posted by John  on  08/10  at  09:51 AM

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