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Sarah Jane Returns; Stephen Fry Writes for Doctor Who

The new season sees some familiar faces returning, and a famous one working behind the scenes.

David Tennant is the Tenth Doctor!

The BBC has confirmed that British actor David Tennant is the new Doctor in the second season of Doctor Who!

Writers Announced for 2006 Season

New writers and some familiar names join Russell T. Davies in the next season of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Continues into 2007!

As the first season of the new series concludes, the BBC announces that it is commissioning Doctor Who for a third season and Christmas special in 2007!

Doctor Who Renewed for 2nd Season; Christopher Eccleston Departs

The BBC have ordered that a second season of thirteen episodes for 2006, preceded by a Christmas Special. However, Christopher Eccleston will not return for a second season

What happened when…?

The CBC inadvertantly left out the resolution to the cliffhanger of Aliens of London in their broadcast of World War Three. Here’s what happened…

Jon Pertwee Stories to Air on BBC Kids

BBC Kids have announced that it will begin showing Jon Pertwee serials as part of its late night lineup of Doctor Who starting April 16.

Doctor Who Ratings Success

Doctor Who off to a strong start in Britain and in Canada

Doctor Who starts April 5 in Canada!

The CBC have begun showing trailers and have launched a new Doctor Who website, all promoting the North American debut of Doctor Who on the CBC Tuesday nights at 8pm starting on April 5!

DWIN Member on CBC Radio’s Ontario Today, April 8th

On Friday April 8th DWIN member Gian-luca Di Rocco was in the studio for a one hour phone-in on CBC Radio’s Ontario Today from 1pm to 2pm. The programme was broadcast across Ontario and online.

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