Issue 99

Issue 99
From The Vortex
Graeme Burk on the “other” Doctor: Doctor Snuggles. You heard him: Doctor Snuggles.
More from the Rumour Mill on potential film projects, and audio and video news. Stephen Christian has the skinny on everything.
Fluid Links
What Producer brought high concept SF, feminism and an enhanced mythos to Doctor Who? No one but Graham Williams. Robert Smith? re-evaluates seasons 15-17.
Cheese Factor
Aaron Prokop sniffs out a conspiracy in the Enlightenment offices and is shocked to discover his copy of The Crusade is missing a couple of episodes…
Temporal Blatherings
James Bow discusses being a person of faith in Doctor Who fandom, and how the series does and doesn’t reflect religious beliefs
The Land of Fiction
Robert Smith? reviews the entire “Compassion Arc” in the BBC Books (a year’s worth of books!) and Eric Briggs, meanwhile, assesses Short Trips and Side Steps
A Look At…
Travel to Atlantis and learn something about destiny with Jo Grant and Susan Paul
Regeneration 101
A new column about the mysteries of regeneration by Myth Makers editor Matt Grady. This time: who or what is the Watcher?
Block Transfers
Why did BBC Book Companion Sam Jones fail so spectacularly? Graeme Burk outlines how to miscreate a character in four easy steps
How Ray Currie discovered Doctor Who, and why he didn’t find it nearly as scary as Super Friends
Chapter Reports
News from The Eye of Harmony and The Brethren of Time and Space
Wheezing and Groanings
Scott Clarke takes us back to the seventies and a comfortable time with Jon Pertwee and his era of wine, cheese and moralising…

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