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BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, recently announced in their annual review that Doctor Who was the BBC’s biggest money-maker in the past 12 months. It was the top seller internationally for the BBC, sold to over 50 countries. One of those 50 countries is the United States (which is one of the biggest single markets in the world) which saw the Doctor Who franchise increase its revenue from sales of the show and merchandise by 49% over previous years. This includes Doctor Who becoming the third biggest seller on the US Itunes chart. That’s their entire charts by the way - not just for British programmes. The only two shows to beat Doctor Who in that category were US mainstream programmes Mad Men and Glee. The popularity spike for the show in the US since it moved to BBC America and/or since Matt Smith took over as the Doctor was apparent earlier this year at the Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles, which must have had about 300 young teenage/twenty-something girls all dressed as Amy Pond, far outstripping (no pun intended) the number of any other “attendees dressed as a specific companion” not only at that particular con but any of the previous Gallifreys. The trio of appearances of Doctor Who stars (Matt Smith, Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan) on Craig Ferguson’s Late Night talk show has also helped to indicate the show’s increased popularity, so the news of the corresponding huge revenue increase from the US (where the show was already doing well) is not a surprise.

Torchwood’s ratings also got off to a flying start last week in both Canada and the US, so the Doctor Who franchise seems as popular as ever, if not moreso. And perhaps best of all, all this financial success and popularity is coming ahead of the 50th Anniversary year (2013), which doesn’t even start for another year and a half. Hopefully we will get the huge celebration the show deserves - and the BBC ought to be able to afford, by their own financial reports.


Workload continues to prevent me from doing more than posting quick comments, but since Luca mentions Craig Ferguson, it’s worth noting that during their upcoming trip to southern California to visit San Diego ComicCon, both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will be making back-to-back encore appearances on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Matt is currently scheduled for July 25 with Karen following July 26 (why not both together? Oh well). Both subject to change, of course. If we don’t see Ferguson (who once guest starred on Red Dwarf) win himself a guest spot on a future episode, I’ll be very surprised.

Posted by Alex  on  07/18  at  01:27 AM

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