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New Podcast from DWIN!

New Podcast from DWIN!

New from DWIN! Reality Bomb—the monthly podcast that explores the strange and uncharted world of Doctor Who through its fans.

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Doctor Who Now Available Online at!

In a surprising move the CBC will be posting Series Three of Doctor Who online at the CBC Doctor Who site

TARDIS File 03-10: Blink

Don’t Blink! You’ll miss our guide to Series Three, Episode 10!

TARDIS File 03-09: The Family of Blood

It’s the dark night of the soul for John Smith. Stay with him for a while and read our guide to The Family of Blood

TARDIS File 03-08: Human Nature

What do evil Scarecrows want to do with schoolteacher John Smith and his servant Martha Jones? The John Smith Information Network provides a guide to last Monday evening’s entertainment…

TARDIS File 03-07: 42

Burn with us as we examine the Doctor’s latest adventure in outer space…

TARDIS File 03-06: The Lazarus Experiment

Forget The Anti-Aging Shop, Lazarus Labs will make you young and beautiful in half the time or put your DNA in a blender—DWIN explains how.

TARDIS File 03-05: Evolution of the Daleks

We go to the top (and bottom) of the Empire State Building as the children of Skaro continue their nefarious plans…

TARDIS File 03-04: Daleks In Manhattan

A one hundred and fifty-one foot woman, more pig snouts than a hot dog processing plant, and oh yes, the Daleks! We have a blow-by-blow account…

TARDIS File 03-03: Gridlock

This is DWIN in the sky giving you up-to-date reports on the gridlock situation in New New York…

TARDIS File 03-02: The Shakespeare Code

Friends, Who fans, Countrymen. Lend us your eyes for this review of the latest Doctor Who episode.

TARDIS File 03-01: Smith and Jones

A platoon of Judoon are on the moon…and we review what happened with the Doctor and new companion Martha Jones

TARDIS File 03-00: The Runaway Bride

It’s Christmas in June as we review the highs and lows of The Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride now to air June 18 at midnight

The 2006 Christmas Special is going to air Monday June 18 at Midnight—that’s right, after the premiere of Series 3. What’s going on? We try to answer that…

Series 3 Begins June 18 (again!) on CBC

The latest series of Doctor Who starts with Smith and Jones on Monday, June 18 at 8pm on CBC!

SERIES 3 on the CBC!

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THE Magazine Holds Dalek Building Contest!

Are you under 18 and good with building things? Have you always wanted to make a Dalek? Enter THE Magazine’s Build A Dalek Competition and win a Series Two Box Set or a Remote Controlled Dalek!

Series Two Tie-In on BBC Kids

In advance of the CBC broadcasting Series Two of Doctor Who Canadian digital cable channel BBC Kids is planning a special schedule of special weekend tie-in broadcasts. On Saturdays and Sundays between September and November BBC Kids weekend broadcasts will feature stories with Sarah Jane Smith, K9 or the Cybermen.

David Tennant on Zt�l� starting August 22nd 2006

Ztélé the french language Sci-Fi cable channel from Quebec Canada will be broadcasting last year’s Christmas special and Series Two of Doctor Who starting on Tuesday August 22nd, 2006 at 8:00pm EDT. New episodes will air weekly on the channel. “The Christmas Invasion” has previously been broadcast in Canada on the CBC but this will be a debut for regular episodes from Series Two of the new Doctor Who.

Chapters & Events

Local Doctor Who groups throughout North America.

Series One Repeats on CBC

Series one of Doctor Who will air in the late night slot on Tuesdays starting June 20th!

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