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Myth Makers is the official fiction anthology of the Doctor Who Information Network. Every issue features cutting-edge Doctor Who fan fiction, written by noted Doctor Who authors and premier writers and illustrated by the best fan artists. Individual issues are available for purchase.

Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope

Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope

What happens when events unfold before our eyes that defy our conscious understanding? Is it a dream? An hallucination? An optical illusion? What hidden truths would our subconscious mind perceive? Find out more in the 20th Anniversary Issue of DWIN’s Fiction Anthology, Myth Makers!

Myth Makers 15: Across the Universe

Myth Makers 15: Across the Universe

Travel across the universe in adventures that take you from the far-flung outer reaches of the cosmos to the dark underworld of London’s East End to the day-glo dimension next door!. Featuring outstanding fan fiction that is gorgeously illustrated, Myth Makers 15 is designed to thrill, excite, break your heart and blow your mind!

Myth Makers Past Issues

Past Issues of Myth Makers (sadly out of print…for now)

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Recent Stories

Issue 164

Rise And Fall (Spring 2011 season reviews): Enlightenment reviews the stories from Season… um, it’s 6.1 this year, right? Plus:

  • The quiet heroism of Rory Williams
  • In praise of an asexual Doctor
  • News and reviews of Doctor Who books, DVDs, and audios, including the Series Five box set!

Enlightenment Delays

We’ve had a number of queries from members regarding the delayed publication of Enlightenment this year. The DWIN Executive wants to share the following message concerning Enlightenment with DWIN members. Read more 

The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe on Christmas Day on SPACE!

For the first time in Canada, the Doctor Who Christmas Special will actually air on Christmas Day! December 25 at 9pm

TARDIS File 06-13: The Wedding of River Song

Following the wedding at the top of an Ancient Ameri-Egyptian Pyramid, you are now cordially invited to attend the reception below…

TARDIS File 06-12: Closing Time

The TARDIS Files are popping in to see an old friend before they have to go…

Is something broken?

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