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Did tonight’s episode of Doctor Who vault to the top of your list of favourite episodes this season? Or did you find that it did not suit your tastes? Don’t waste your breath - instead type your thoughts on Oxygen in the comments section below.

This week’s guesses as to what is in the vault: (1) Dodo’s grandchild Bobby Jim; (2) The other giant rat from The Talons of Weng-Chiang (one that we never saw on screen, but was always just off camera and which was still left alive in the sewers. It was in fact the rat-wife of the one that the Doctor shot); (3) The Garm. Let us know which of the three you think is the most likely (assuming of course that it’s not one of the guesses from last week’s entry). Just don’t hold your breath expecting any of these guesses to be correct…...


Very similar thoughts on this one to last week’s episode.

Some of the best space and space station effects ever seen in the show… or possibly they were just used very effectively by the director?  In any case, it was gorgeous and creepy to look at. 

The humour was again excellent, and Nardol (spelling?) continues to be a pleasant surprise. 

The ending felt clever and giving the Doctor a lasting disability/consequence is an interesting development… depending on where they take it of course! 

The logic/science in this one is likely a little off but it went fast enough that I’ll need future viewings to confirm.  As I’ve said before, it’s the kind of show where bad science is fine if you can ignore it for the sake of the story, but bad science is *not* fine when it *is* the story (i.e. Kill the Moon).

Posted by DL  on  05/14  at  01:26 PM

There’s a serious plot hole here that’s bothering me quite a bit.

If the Doctor can use some of his regeneration energy to mend River Song’s broken wrist, not to mention using quite a bit of it to regenerate but not change his form after being grazed by a Dalek shot, why is he not using some to fix his blindness???

Posted by Andy-Bob in Ottawa  on  05/15  at  10:45 AM

I prefer to think of it more as a continuity inconsistency (I know To-ma-to, To-mato). The not changing form after being grazed was sort of explained by the whole ‘hand receptacle’ thingy (whether you buy it is up to you). Fixing River’s hand was more of a whimsical stunt akin to Romana trying on bodies. Doctor Who loves trading in these sort of one-offs (it’s stuff like the propulsive Master where I start grabbing for the ants in me pants).

Posted by Connie  on  05/17  at  06:22 PM

Sadly. I have not been following up lately due to exams…

Posted by Ollive  on  06/08  at  11:12 AM

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