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The blog took a hiatus at the same time the Doctor did but now both are back. What did you think of the new episode, The Pilot? A good jumping on point for new viewers? Or a good jumping off point? How about the new companion Bill? What about the Doctor’s lecturing style? Are you warming up to Nardole, or do you think he has a screw loose? How did you feel about the location of the TARDIS washroom? So many things to discuss!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Just like the television series itself, we’ll be back more regularly from now on!


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Posted by Kevinsmift  on  04/16  at  10:28 PM

Surely I can’t be the only one who totally geeked out when the Movellans showed up fighting the Daleks! #TomBaker

Posted by AndyBob in Ottawa  on  04/18  at  07:35 PM

I thought that after an unwelcome 18 month break between series that was a really good re-start.  Pearl Mackie was great and there was some good set-up of who or what is Nardole, why is the Doctor compelled to guard the vault; the lecture scene was fabulous and while I never expected to hear Joy Division in the background that took me back.  The threat itself felt a bit contrived and I wonder if that is the last we have seen of the killer time-travelling puddle.  I thought there were suggestions of daleks or Zygons about the voice.  Having ricocheted around so much time and space it felt a bit spurious that it would then be defeated by a break-up with a dead person.  And speaking of dead people - much as I initially liked Bill Potts I suspect she may be a short-term companion; although I am intrigued by the inferred connection to Susan.

Posted by Jon  on  04/24  at  07:47 AM

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