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1. Did “Other Dave” from Silence in the Library have the greatest afro in Doctor Who history to date, or was it someone else?
2. Would Amy and Polly be likely to get along if they met, or would their rivalry over who wears the shortest skirts in the TARDIS?
3. Who would win in a fight - the Taran Wood Beast or the Cybershades?
4. Who has the better eye-patch - Madame Kovarian or Guy Crayford?
5. Did Madame Vashtra eventually feast upon the giant rat from Talons of Weng-Chiang after she finished with Jack the Ripper? If so, how many meals would that be?
6. What would make for a better Doctor Who-based reality TV show - “Androgum vs. Food” or “Count Grendel’s Family Jewels”?
7. Now that we’ve had the Doctor teaming up with Churchill and Nixon in previous episodes, how about a visit with a famous Canadian PM - such as Pierre Trudeau in a story called “Doctor Who and the FLQ”?
8. Should more Doctor Who episode titles come with exclamation marks? What about other forms of punctuation?

Please let us know your answers or alternate suggestions.



Best afro in DW history is Tom Baker, duh. 

The Doctor should team up with Tommy Douglas to reveal that the reason mice shouldn’t vote for either black cats or white cats is because… they’re Zygons!

If DW ever comes out with an episode that includes a neccessary semicolon, I’ll plotz.

Posted by Jimmy  on  07/06  at  05:39 AM

What a nice snap shot dude! By the way Iím come back soon for your next event. Thanks for nice experiment.

Posted by Jony Deny  on  07/11  at  03:10 AM

7. Visit Harper.

Posted by Zachary Chong  on  07/16  at  02:34 PM

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Posted by sarahsam  on  09/09  at  10:50 AM

I believe that after Madame Vashtra finished Jack, she did actually feast upon the giant rat. And I guess it will be 3 meals?

Posted by Free Tarot reading  on  10/31  at  09:27 PM

I can’t bleveie you’re not playing with me—that was so helpful.

Posted by Brandywine  on  11/16  at  12:34 AM

3. It’s has to be the Taran Wood Beast, it’s like a gorilla and a monster in one. Cybershades is a weird thing with a mask.

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