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More Matt Smith-era Who on the Way for 2012!

The BBC officially confirmed today via twitter that another 14 episodes of Doctor Who had been commissioned after the current run (which itself doesn’t conclude until the autumn), while Steven Moffat (also via twitter) confirmed that the next season will continue to star Matt Smith as the Doctor. One of the 14 episodes will be the 2011 Christmas special (confirmed by DWM on twitter, which I guess is the place for publicly confirming television plans - the BBC should feel lucky that it didn’t exist in the early 90’s or they would have set a record for most consecutive “Still no news on Doctor Who” tweets for every day over a 5 year period). According to an article in The Guardian that can be found here, a “good chunk” will be broadcast in 2012 - whether that’s the full remaining 13 episodes split over two halves (ie. like 2011) or whether there will be a delayed start with some of them spilling into 2013 remains unknown at this time (or if it is known, they aren’t yet telling anyone).

Either way, this should take Doctor Who right up to it’s 50th Anniversary year which is 2013, with the 50th Anniversary date being November 23rd - which falls on Doctor Who’s traditional broadcast day of Saturday. One has to figure that the plans for the anniversary season will soon be made, if they aren’t already…....

In the meantime, we can also give our thumbs up (just like Matt Smith is) to more Doctor Who - and with Matt Smith too!


Well I’m happy. For a couple days there was actually a rather intense cancellation scare going on, after Smith was quoted as saying he was looking for roles in Hollywood and the BBC hadn’t renewed the show yet. It’s pretty clear to me that the BBC is in the process of transitioning to a fall schedule, in part to fill the gap which will be left by Sarah Jane’s cancellation. And also, I bet, to line things up so that Series 8 coincides with the 50th anniversary.

A lot will depend on how well the ratings do this fall. A lot of pundits have said that DW’s ratings have never been as strong in a spring showing as they would be in a fall or even winter broadcast. So if the second half of Series 6 ends up blowing the roof off the ratings, that might result in the BBC deciding to make it a fall show again, like it used to be.

Anyway, now we know Smith isn’t going anywhere. Now the question is will Karen and Arthur be staying with the show. And if not, who will replace them (I have my personal favorites, but can’t talk about them till the mid-season finale airs in Canada).

Posted by Alex  on  06/09  at  08:04 AM

It’s pretty clear to me that the BBC is in the process of transitioning to a fall schedule, in part to fill the gap which will be left by Sarah Jane’s cancellation

The scheduling of a children’s show, which aired on weekday afternoons, probably has 2% to do with the BBC’s decision making on this matter.

I suspect there’s a lot of things going on, most of which we’ll never learn publically.

Posted by Graeme  on  06/09  at  08:34 AM

And let me be clear, 2% was a generous figure. I think it’s more like 0.000008%.

Posted by Graeme  on  06/09  at  08:36 AM

Other options are that after this years split 6 and special that 2012 has a spring special(1) then a fall 6 (7) then another special (8) with the other 6 part of a multi- season 2013 of near 20 with a new year run in Jan to Feb, a spring run from Easter for 6 weeks then a fall run, 50th Anniversary special and then usual special.

Posted by Ryan  on  06/11  at  06:29 AM

I like your thinking but I think you’re being a bit optimistic about that much in 2013….50th or not!

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