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Well how was that for experimental and high concept? Did you enjoy that or did it, ironically, put you to sleep? Will we see the repercussions from the events of this episode some time in the future, or was that it? And exactly where did that opening title sequence go?

Give your eyes a rub, shake the dust out and let us know what you thought in the comments section below.


Just what does Steven Moffatt have against the eyes (the windows of the soul)? Between the Weeping Angels and the Sandmen, we’re not supposed to blink, we’re not to condense a month’s sleep into 5 minutes, and we’re not supposed to watch suspicious transmissions (that one’s used twice).

It was a very intense, interesting episode, but one which leaves itself open to a lot of pointed questions from those who want linear narrative and simple, obvious resolution.

The questions is, though: will anyone be able to risk watching it a second time?

Posted by David H. Olivier  on  11/15  at  11:21 AM

Mark Gatiss has badmouthed other people - including his Doctor Who predecessors - many times over the years, in interviews and in his “Pitch of Fear” TV skit.

I don’t think he’ll be able to get away with it anymore, though, because from now on anyone he criticizes will be able to respond with “Well, at least I never wrote a script where the monsters were made of eye boogers.”

Posted by Curt  on  11/16  at  02:10 PM

This whole season has been a disappointment so far.  I couldn’t even finish watching this episode… probably will when there’s absolutely nothing else to watch.  I really like Peter Capaldi as the doctor, and I hope the remaining episodes this season get better!

Posted by David C  on  11/16  at  04:37 PM

This has been the best season in ages, but… not this episode. It was okay, but far below the bar the season has set.

Mark Gatiss has written excellent stuff outside of Who, but none of his Doctor Who episodes have really shone for me.

Posted by Andrew  on  11/18  at  12:53 PM

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