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Our American readers in particular will be interested to know that BBC America is broadcasting three new programmes celebrating Doctor Who in the lead up to the 2nd half of the 2011 season (or Season 33 as I like to call it). These specials will see a variety of celebrity Doctor Who viewers as well as regular fans answer questions about what is the “best” of Doctor Who. The three specials are entitled “The Best of the Doctor”, “The Best of the Monsters” and “The Best of the Companions”, respectively and the first one (Best of the Doctor) airs August 13th 2011 at 9pm eastern. The next two specials air over the following two Saturdays, and of course Let’s Kill Hitler! airs on August 27th, which is coming up as fast as summer is disappearing. The interviews were all taped at the recent San Diego Comic Con so the interviews are all with fans and guests at that convention. This group of people ranges from the guitarist for heavy metal band Anthrax to actor Mark Sheppard, who of course appeared in the opening two-part story The Impossible Astronaut as the younger version of Canton Everett Delaware III.

While some of the questions apparently posed sound somewhat cheesy (apparently “What Doctor Who monster would make the best roomate?” is a typical example) the answers as well as the programmes should be fun, and they are meant to be both a celebration and a promotional vehicle. And frankly, it’s great to see this level of promotional support by BBC America for the show.

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Hey - looks like Space has picked these up as well, for airing a week later than the US.  They’ve got ‘The Best of The Doctor’ scheduled at 8pm EDT on Aug 20th, then ‘The Best of the Monsters’ at 7pm EDT on Aug 27th (after their days marathon of the first half of the series, and right before the new episode. :D )
Various repeat times as well over the following few days.

Presumably they’ll have the 3rd one on a week later - my onscreen guide doesn’t go that far and I’m feeling too lazy right now to check the Space site lol.

But once again…yay Space!

Posted by (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/16  at  06:57 PM

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