February 13, 2005

The Kreinervore

I’m sure you’ve heard that the release date for The Gallifrey Chronicles is June, which means we’ll be reading about the Doctor, Rose, and the Clockwise Man before we find out what’s happened to the Doctor, Fitz, and Trix. But Lance is letting slip some details about the book. Let the wild speculation begin!

For those who don’t want to read the whole thread, the first line of the book is:

‘Oh yeah, the whole concept behind [the album] came from Rick.’

And the last line is:

‘You’ve moved on in your life, so I won’t spoil its twist ending for you.’

And the fly on the cover is actually a “Vore,” maybe even a “Kreinervore.”

Of course that last bit sounds highly unlikely, right? Right…?

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February 11, 2005

Baby We’ve Hit The Big Time!

sfx128.jpgThe last time I remember Doctor Who being on the cover of SFX was back in…think about this people…1998. It was the 35th anniversary: the videos had just colonized mars with the release of The Ice Warriors and the height of Doctor Who style was The Infinity Doctors....

Seven Years. Even when the Doctor was named the #1 SF character in an SFX poll a year or two back, Buffy got the cover. Seven years. Every issue of SFX I’d look at it and say, “when are you going to stop pandering to these flash in the pans and show some props to a real genre show?” Actually I probably didn’t say anything as a) I try to keep utterances in front of SFX to a minimum and b) I’m crap at ebonics. But the sentiment is still pretty much there.

Well, our time has come. We have arrived. We’re now the hip thing in town and SFX is paying us some attention. About time, I say, about time…

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