007 Teenagers Setting Goals

007 Teenagers Setting Goals Excellent

The prevailing thought is to think about what you want to do. Then, you set goals, write them down, stay focused on them and go forward. You check your list over and over again, come back to it, adjust it, and that is how you achieve your goals. But I believe it is not the way goals should be attained. Some people even do it once a year, when they make a New Year resolution. They set goals, and they do forget it until a year later. These people usually have no power. They take the power of goals too lightly which brings us to some basics. You have to realize you have to practice the fundamentals daily. Think about the great coaches in sports history for example. They often teach the basics to people that are already the best at what they do. These top trainers make them go through the fundamentals over and over again, hundreds of time, day after day until they can do it at a crucial moment.

YOU HAVE NO GUIDE ON HOW TO SET GOALS _ People are unable to set goals because they don\'t have the guidance they need on how they can set goals. Worse still, there are a lot of people who have wishes or dreams which they term as goals. Example of such wishes or dreams are, \"be happy\", \"make a lot of money\", or \"have a nice family life\". Of course, we all have wishes and dreams, but a goal is completely different from a wish, it is specific, measurable, and even time_bound. If you are like me and you didn\'t have any idea about goal setting until you became an adult, then, you won\'t realize its importance.

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007 Teenagers Setting Goals Excellent

007 Teenagers Setting Goals

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008 Teenagers Setting Goals

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002 Teenagers Setting Goals

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