The Christmas Invasion Airs on CBC Boxing Day; Season One DVDs in North America

A press relase from the BBC brings two exciting pieces of news. The release states, “[BBC Worldwide have secured a] major licensing deal with CBC Television for the second series of the latest Doctor Who adventures following the critical success of the first series. The deal includes a Christmas special, hosted by Billie Piper exclusively for CBC viewers that air on Boxing Day. The new 13 part adventure is currently filming in Wales and is due to air on CBC in 2006.”

As if this news was not exciting enough, the release also notes, “BBC Video is planning to release series one on DVD in Canada on 14.02.2006.”

This Canada-only DVD release is suprising, but welcome, news to Canadian fans who have been clamouring for DVDs since the series aired on CBC last spring. As it will be region 1 and NTSC, this should be easily obtainable by US fans as well.

It has since been announced that the Canada only DVD release has been extended to the USA.

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