Doctor Who Back for Season Two on CBC

Executive Producer and head writer Russell T. Davies said in response to this, “We’re delighted to have the CBC on board for another season,” said Russell T Davies. “They have been the perfect partner on Doctor Who - sharing the editorial vision at the outset, then running a strong campaign from sexy posters to slick witty trailers, and best of all having the confidence to schedule the series in a big showy prime time slot.”

Launched with an impressive press campaign, Doctor Who has been shown on Tuesday nights throughout the spring of 2005. Ratings peaked at over 900,000 viewers—which are impressive ratings for a CBC series. The series managed to double the viewers in a timeslot opposite ratings juggernauts American Idol and Canadian Idol.

There is no news from the CBC about when the new season will air on CBC, though with hockey back (last season there was an NHL lockout) it is unlikely that it will be in the spring. CBC sources have indicated either the summer or, more likely, the fall of 2006. Stay tuned for more information!

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