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Keep your hair on…...but more missing episodes have been found!

The rumours have been swirling for months that more missing episodes have been found from the worldwide search of the Archives. The Radio Times (a magazine formerly owned by the BBC but still with very strong ties to it have now provided the first confirmation of any sort that missing episodes have indeed been found. And the first ones to be made available could be available for downloading this week. You can read more in the Radio Times article here.

There’s no doubt about it - this is the best present we can have for the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

UPDATE: The BBC have finally admitted it themselves, with a press release you can read right here.


Been following this story for a few months now.  If this is true, it will be incredible!  Fingers crossed!

Posted by stan m.d.  on  10/06  at  09:43 PM

Keeping my fingers crossed, but I am skeptical. DWM editor, Dr Who brand manage, and the restoration team are all flatly denying the story :(

Posted by Andrew  on  10/07  at  08:09 AM

They denied the Daily Mirror reporting indicating that 106 episodes were found in Ethiopia, which isn’t accurate. They haven’t denied the Radio Times articles (there’s been a second one now at the time of writing).

Posted by Luca  on  10/07  at  10:37 AM

I do hope you’re right! And for me, the leading piece of hope is that the BBC have not forced a retraction of the Radio Times article.

Other outlets have picked up the news, and the rumour that the returned episodes are from The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World (and that Marco Polo has also been found, and will be released later).

That said, the Mirror now says the announcement has been delayed, quoting the BBC as “They have been waiting nearly 50 years for this, so a couple of days shouldn’t make any difference.” Yes, a BBC spokesperson would definitely say that (sarcasm)...

Posted by Andrew  on  10/07  at  12:16 PM

I’ve been calling these episode rumors “B.S” ever since this round of rumors started some months ago. I sure would love and hope to say I was wrong.

Posted by Doug Grandy  on  10/07  at  01:12 PM

From BBC news: (sorry can’t post link)A number of episodes have been found. But we’ll have to wait to find out which ones and how many.

I think my earliest TV memory is of Evil of the Daleks. I was very fond of Victoria and worried about her losing her father. Perhaps that will one of the returning stories…

Posted by Andrew B  on  10/08  at  01:23 PM

Shockingly true!  Let’s hope the rest of the rumours are true and there’s more being held back too.  Really looking forward to seeing the double performance by Troughton!

Posted by stan m.d.  on  10/10  at  11:33 PM

And here it is…I was wrong. WHO-ray

Posted by Doug Grandy  on  10/11  at  01:50 PM

i hate docter who because the docter stinks and everything on it isn,t real so that,s why it is stupid!

Posted by Jill  on  12/27  at  12:14 PM

Posted by jeffyjjean  on  12/31  at  06:59 AM

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Posted by Ricky  on  01/01  at  04:42 AM

That is so cool! I remember dr Who from my childhood. Out of a deep respect I would feature it on my website well of course if they record it and turn those missing series into a podcast..

Posted by Maria  on  01/07  at  08:04 PM

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