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005 Teenagers Setting Excellent Goals

Define your Goals and be Specific. You need to write down exactly what your goals for your design business are. It is simply not enough to say that you want to grow your business. You need to be very specific. State that you want to grow your business by 20%. You can even go as far as defining the different segments that you deal with and setting goals for each of these. If, for example, you love working with commercial clients but find individual clients frustrating, consider setting a goal to increase the work that you would prefer to do. At this point, do not censor the goals. According to Jim Rohn, we should set as many as 50 goals. This may initially be a little daunting so start out by setting 5┦ goals. Make sure that these are goals that you actually want to achieve for yourself.

Whilst touching on monetary goals, another participant reminds us that being specific about your goal is important: \"My goal was to be a millionaire by 35... I achieved it the moment I stepped away from the foreign exchange counter at Jakarta airport!\" Following up with our survey participants revealed commonality in the way they went about setting goals and their subsequent actions to achieve their goals. We\'ve already seen how those with the greatest success in terms of personal wealth had SMART goals. This isn\'t to say that success can only be measured by means of personal wealth at all _ the original intention was simply to test the mythical Yale Study results. And, of course, someone could have set themselves a perfectly good SMART goal _ but due to their own environment, had not accumulated as much personal wealth in terms of a standard currency _ indeed, a person could have less in terms of monetary wealth yet be considerably better off in terms of the value they can obtain from less money.

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005 Teenagers Setting Excellent Goals

005 Teenagers Setting

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002 Teenagers Setting Goals

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